Meditative Movements (TM): Mind Body Exercise Program

Who is Certified to Teach Meditative Movements™?

   The following individuals have obtained their Meditative Movements™ teaching certificate. If you are interested in offering Meditative Movements™ at your facility or in your area, please contact Ellie at 612-710-3415 to discuss.

Picture of Allison

About Allison

   Allison Runchey is passionate about movement and its ability to create peace and well-being within the body, mind and spirit. In addition to her training in Meditative Therapeutic Movements™, she has studied modern dance, pilates, anatomy and energy healing.

    She has a BA in Sociology and is currently pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Holistic Health Studies from St. Catherine University in Minnesota. She lives in St. Paul and enjoys swimming, dancing and practicing T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

Instructor Level: Beginner

Picture of Deb

About Deb

   Change is inevitable. Letting go of old beliefs and allowing for new powerful messages to become my reality is my work in my second half of life. Sobriety in 1981 rocketed my course though it was not easy. I graduated at the U of M with a BA in sociology and a minor in psychology.

   I practiced Kenpo and Shotokan karate for self defense which enabled me to feel strong and awake. Later I grew to enjoy Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and now I am passionate about Kundalini Yoga and Naad vocal training. I continue to expand my compassion for others by advocacy for the homeless overlapping with mental illness. Meditative Movements™ is my tool which teaches me daily that indeed I am able to live out my dreams. Deb teaches at Gilda's Cancer Club, churches and high rise facilities.

Instructor Level: Beginner

Picture of Judy

About Judy

   Judy Coughlin has been working in the fitness and wellness industry for 25 years. As a wellness coach, yoga and group fitness instructor, she has worked with companies such as United Health Group, Lifetime Fitness and Melrose Institute Eating Disorder Clinic. Judy is the owner of Restore Core Wellness and most of her fitness classes are in the St. Louis Park area. As a speaker at the Women's Spirituality Conference, she likes exploring our dream world and how women can value themselves.

   Judy is also passionate about dancing and traveling.

Instructor Level: Beginner

Picture of Ellie

About Ellie

   Ellie created the Meditative Movements™ technique out of her own need to experience life in a fit body, calm mind and energized being. Practicing this technique for over 30 years has brought healing to her physical, emotional, mental and spiritual afflictions.

    While raising her three children on her own, she taught 14 classes a week for 10 years. Now she volunteers her time and substitutes for fellow instructors. She loves traveling and playing with her six grandchildren. Ellie is a snowbird and spends her time in Florida and Minnesota.

Instructor Level: Master

Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Enjoy Your Life

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