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 Wellness Providers & Loved Ones

Continuum of Care staff, volunteers, caregivers, family, friends, professionals can use Meditative Movements™ during a routine day to support individuals so they feel calmer and more relaxed. This technique is especially beneficial to Dementia and Alzheimer's providers and the individuals they serve.

After teaching a Meditative Movement class to memory care residents, Jane asked Ellie how she was going to spend the rest of her day. Ellie replied that she did not have much scheduled. Carol, who was sitting next to Jane said, "Well, you know you are safe with whatever you do." It warms Ellie's heart knowing they are embodying the movement messages and feeling safe in life.

Improves Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

Residents in Senior, Independent/Assisted Living, Memory Care and Skilled Nursing homes enjoy affirming themselves as they move. This class allows you to share this technique with your loved ones, residents, and clients in a group setting or one-on-one. An additional benefit to sharing our specialty program is that you are feeling more mentally, emotionally, and physically supported because you know how to use the movements for your own self-care throughout your day.

A 2017 University of Minnesota research concluded that Meditative Movements™ may be effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and fatigue while improving emotional and functional well-being.

Here is a possible interaction for Continuum of Care staff with residents.

As you teach the group class, tears are running down Susie's cheeks as she practices the I Am Safe Meditative Movement™. She has been abused in the past and your heart warms knowing that she is healing. You visit Susie in her room the next day and notice that her anxiety has returned. You practice the movement with her, and she feels safe again. At lunch you are finding that you need a boost and so you practice the I Am Strong Meditative Movement™ which releases your stress and energizes you. As a result, you are now ready to give fully to others because you feel stronger physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  Dementia Map

Dementia Map Resources Check out Dementia Map if you are looking for FREE ACCESS to information about education, products, and services. This includes a valuable and comprehensive collection of dementia resources around the world – and in your own backyard. Other tools include events, activities, books and digital media, housing and supportive services. There is a FREE GUIDE to the resources needed by those diagnosed with a form of dementia, family members, and professionals providing care or services. You can even find a speaker for your next event!

 Empowering Results

Therapist Supporting Injured Man

"This technique makes a huge difference on resident's energy level and behavior. It helps them feel grounded, centered and is especially helpful when residents feel agitated and have upset feelings. "    Melissa, Activity Director

1. Improves Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
2. Increase Strength, Flexibility & Balance
3. Reduce Risk of Falling

4. Enhance Mental & Emotional Well-being
5. Boost Self-esteem & Feelings of Value
6. Provides Fun Staff/Client Interactions

"Residents can understand this wholistic program at their level; it does not cause them to feel overwhelmed; and it is failure free. They enjoy practicing and everyone living with dementia participates."    Tammy Bryant, Certified Dementia Practitioner®

 Meditative Movement™ Training

Certificate of Completion

We want to support staff in Continuum of Care facilities, caregivers, family and friends. Here is how our online Meditative Movement training works:

1. You participate in a one to one and a half hour online Zoom training.
2. You learn three Meditative Movements to get you started. You will have access to the movement videos and handouts.
3. You practice the movements on your own time. Other trainees have reported approximately 30 minutes per movement to master them.
4. You test out online on a day/time that is convenient for you.
5. Upon successful demonstration of technique, you can receive your certificate. Those who want CEU will receive a 1.5 Certificate of Attendance letter. Our past training has been approved by NCCAP.
6. You can participate in community building opportunities like book discussions to help you grow and for your own self-care. You can learn from other Activity Professionals and teachers.

*You will be able to purchase additional Meditative Movements at $10/movement when you are ready to expand your practice.

To schedule a training class in your area, at your facility or online Zoom classes,
contact Ellie at 612-710-3415 or

Visit our Activity Professionals page for some information on National Association of Activity Professional webinars and some free resources.

 Thur, January 26, 2023

Starting Time:12:00pm ET, 11:00am CT, 10:00am MT, 9:00am PT

Duration: 1.5 hour

Location: Zoom Online Class

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Investment $79
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 Tue, Feb 7, 2023

Starting Time: 1:00pm ET, 12:00pm CT, 11:00am MT, 10:00am PT

Duration: 1.5 hour

Location: Zoom Online Class

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Investment $79
Use your phone to scan the code and enter $79.

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