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Engaging, Enlightening, Energizing

   Ellie gives inspiring keynote addresses, facilitates impactful workshops and conducts online trainings. Her interactive presentations can be customized to meet your objectives, learning style and budget. Our topic specialties show you how to use mindfulness and Meditative Movements™ to enhance your own self-care, addiction recovery, smoking cessation, chronic disease prevention and management.

Certified Virtual Presenter

   She has received her Certified Virtual Presenter and has been offering online trainings and presentations for over 20 years. Review her scores for compatibility of your system requirements.

   Here are some of Ellie's most sought after sessions.

Contact Ellie at or 612-710-3415 to schedule your uplifting workshop.

 Releasing Anxiety and Depression

Life can seem overwhelming especially when we are experiencing bouts of anxiety and depression. Learn how to care for yourself in a new way by practicing the Meditative Movements technique. A 2017 University of Minnesota research study found this technique reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional well-being. These simple movements can be performed throughout your routine day and are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. You can honor your experience and feel better.


  • Explore how to be with more difficult emotions like anxiety and worry.
  • Practice Meditative Movements that allow the energy to flow so you feel freer.
  • Identify ways to use the movements for better health and well-being.

 Creating Positive Energy

Negative daily stresses that drain your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy eventually lead to disease, difficult relationships, and unhealthy habits. Positive energy feels good, increases empathy, and infuses hope in your relationships. Whatever your dreams and aspirations, it is positive energy that allows you to reach them! Learn how to harness your personal power in a new way so you can be healthier, happier and feel whole.


  • Learn about mind-body concepts and current research
  • Practice Meditative Movements to release negative energy and nurture positive energy
  • Discover easy ways to integrate the movements into your daily routine

 Empowering You

Empowered employees take charge of their life. Join us for this one-hour interactive session that gives you daily exercises so you can feel energized and excited about yourself and your career. The demands on your time for work, caring for your families and others can be stressful.

Learn how to take care of your own mind, body and being needs in a new way.


  • Explore your own response to change
  • Learn simple home and office Meditative Movements to release stress while cultivating positivity
  • Create a simple Take Care of Me plan

 Mindfulness Activities for Healthy Aging

Learn simple, healthy-aging mindfulness activities to promote your mental, social and physical well-being. You will experience the therapeutic Meditative Movements™ that have been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and fatigue, while improving emotional and functional well-being per the 2017 University of Minnesota research study. This technique uses safe, easy to follow movements that are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. Best yet they can be performed during your routine day to reduce stress when you feel it.


  • Experience mindfulness activities including the empowering Meditative Movements™
  • Identify healthy aging activities to improve Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Explore the mind-body connection and mindfulness

 Nurturing, Easy, Empowering Self-Care

In this interactive session, we will explore the mind body connection as it relates to your habits. You will experience mindfulness activities that give you insights into your own beliefs and misperceptions. Lastly, you will have time to develop your own self-care action plan so you can keep these practices alive after the workshop.


  • Explore your own deep seated attitudes and beliefs about yourself and life
  • Practice mindfulness activities that promote healing
  • Discuss what support you need and develop a workable self-care plan

 Influencing Challenging Behaviors

Learn how Meditative Movements™ can be used by parents, caregivers, educators, and healthcare providers to increase physical activity and improve mood. The 2017 University of Minnesota research study found this technique reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional well-being. You can influence behaviors by performing Meditative Movements™.


  • Explore mind, body and being connection
  • Experience centering, energizing and releasing Meditative Movements™
  • Learn how to manage your own energy in a way that can help reduce stressful interactions


Ellie Having Fun Speaking

Ellie Peterson is professional, personable, intelligent, and charismatic. She combines all of these qualities to create a presentation on Meditative Movements™ that is dynamic, motivational, energizing, and fun! Karen Finck, Owner of Health Counseling Services

First Ellie skillfully guided us through some simple, fun mindfulness activities reminding us of our interconnectedness. She then facilitated an impactful discussion enabling us to successfully identity key strategic meaningful outcomes. From this concerted effort, we were able to develop a cohesive draft strategic plan. Michael Browne, Director of Office of Police Conduct Review

Ellie's presentation was a great kick start to our long day of meetings. First, she educated us on her mind, body and spirit exercise program and then we had the opportunity to follow along. I found her program helped us break down barriers and we felt more relaxed with each other. I'd recommend having Ellie share her program with any group that wants to feel more connected and wants to have fun doing it. Linda Walton, Executive Director, Chanhassen Area Chamber of Commerce

"I visited one of Ellie's hour-long programs and watched her transition a tired group of social workers –– after lunch and a full morning of content, no less –– from tired, to interested, to energized. Ellie's message, that Creating Positive Energy in the Workplace can create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces, is both practical and powerful!" Robin Getman, CSP (professional speaker, trainer and humorist)

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