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Awaken Your MAGNIFICENCE T-shirts

Meditative Movement™ T-shirts

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And love bursts forth from the heart of the Universe and sings, cries, shouts...sometimes subtly through the clothes we wear. Remind yourself and others to awaken the intrinsic magnificence within by wearing this Meditative Movement t-shirt.

Our brand image is a whole love story about our human divine experience. You are a powerful being as represented by the victorious arm position. Feel your authentic self shining through by openly expressing your brilliance everytime you put on the t-shirt.

This soft, liliac t-shirt comes in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X sizes.

* 100% Polyester Cool-Tek
* Breathable, moisture-managing jersey knit fabric
* Fresh assurance with anti-bacterial treatment
* UV Protection / UPF 25
* V neck with double needle hems

A percentage of the proceeds will benefit the non-profit Project Diva.

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Upcoming Certificate Trainings

Certificates Available Teach Seniors, Adults, Youth

We offer individual and facility-wide Meditative Movements™ training. You can give the people you serve the resources they need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Our easy-to-follow, empowering movements can be practiced in your home, care facilities, hospitals, counseling sessions, office, school, gym and in group fitness classes. You can share the movements one-on-one or in a group setting.

Trainings are designed with you and your specialized professional needs in mind. Learn how you can easily integrate Meditative Movements™ into your service offerings.

Mental Health Practitioners, Counselors, Licensed Therapists

Wellness Activity Providers: Directors & Coordinators, OT, PT, RT, Nurses, Residential Activities Specialist

School Teachers, Behavioral Health Workers, Social Workers

Fitness Instructors, Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers

Meditative Movements™ Beginner's Journey PDF

Meditative Movement™ Beginners Journey

A beginner's journey to feeling great by practicing Meditative Movements™ to unite your body, mind and being in an empowering way.

The ten seated, standing and floor movements are adaptable to anyone's physical ability.

Some movements focus your attention on the heart of the matter, your uniqueness. Others spark your goodness and align your thoughts to the force of nature that supplies your energy. As your being is filled with your natural energizing powers, your thoughts and feelings which no longer support your highest good are released.

Meditative Movements™ can be practiced during your normal day or you can integrate the movements into your current workout routine. The effects of practicing are felt throughout your day. As a result, you will naturally make better choices and feel healthier, happier and whole.

Picture of Natalie Lu Professionally as an instructor, Natalie Lu shares Meditative Movements at in person safety huddles to nurses, nursing assistants, health unit coordinators, and physicians.

Personally, she likes to start her day with the I Am Supported Meditative Movement™ before even getting out of bed. If that doesn't fit her schedule, you might find her practicing a movement or two as she stands at the kitchen sink waiting for her coffee to brew. Carpooling her eleven-year-old daughter and other young people after school, she shares the I Relax Meditative Movement™ as a way for everyone to unwind. Driving to soccer games and sensing their nerves are at a heightened level, she may choose the I Release Worry, I Let Go, or I Release Resistance Meditative Movement™, and to refill them together they do the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™.

Read more about Natalie, Master of Science degree in Nursing/Health Care Education

Are you ready to release those energies that no longer serve you? Are you ready to experience more joy and enrichment in your life?

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