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 Upcoming Certificate Trainings

Certificates Available Teach Seniors, Adults, Youth

We offer individual and facility-wide Meditative Movements™ training. You can give the people you serve the resources they need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Our easy-to-follow, empowering movements can be practiced in your home, care facilities, hospitals, counseling sessions, office, school, gym and in group fitness classes. You can share the movements one-on-one or in a group setting.

Trainings are designed with you and your specialized professional needs in mind. Learn how you can easily integrate Meditative Movements™ into your service offerings.

Mental Health Practitioners, Counselors, Licensed Therapists Wellness Activity Providers: Directors & Coordinators, OT, PT, RT, Nurses, Residential Activities Specialist School Teachers, Behavioral Health Workers, Social Workers Fitness Instructors, Yoga Teachers, Personal Trainers

 Meditative Movements™ Beginner's Journey PDF

Meditative Movement™ Beginners Journey

A beginner's journey to feeling great. Meditative Movement™ Beginner's Journey unites your body, mind and being in an empowering way.

The movements are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. There are seated, standing and floor movements. As you move your body, you will focus on your breath then add the core value affirmations.

The centering Meditative Movements™ focus your attention on the heart of the matter, your uniqueness.

Energizing Meditative Movements™ spark your goodness and align your thoughts to the force of nature that supplies our energy.

As your being is filled with the centering and energizing powers, it is natural that your thoughts and feelings which no longer support your highest good are released. Releasing Meditative Movements™ offer a way to let go of past struggles, disappointments and stress.

The Meditative Movements™ can be practiced during your normal day. You can also integrate the movements into your current workout routine. As you practice, you connect with your true nature. The effects of practicing are felt throughout your day. As a result, you will naturally make better choices and feel healthier, happier and whole.

Are you ready to release those energies that no longer serve you? Are you ready to experience more joy and enrichment in your life?

$8.95 for PDF version. After your order is processed through Paypal, you will receive an email with the link to the PDF.

 Power of Positive Aerobics Now Available Streaming/On Demand/Rent

Power of Positive Aerobics DVD

Exercises strengthen the body; affirmations empower the mind.

Aerobics is the best way to maintain a healthy weight.

Pat Huss Sheveland says, "I just finished your DVD workout and I did the easier one... Sweating my you know what off! I LOVED it! What a great idea adding affirmations to an exercise routine! The routine is great for all fitness levels too."

  • 30-minute video has three different workout levels making it suitable for all fitness abilities.
  • An easy-to-learn, low impact option allows beginners to achieve instant success.
  • Experienced exercisers can do the high impact option or use weight resistance movements to challenge their physical limits.
  • All levels include the spoken affirmations.


Streaming/On Demand/Rent Power of Positive Aerobics at Cinevee

You will be directed to the Cinevee website to stream, download or rent the workout. You will be able to pay via Paypal or credit card.

DVD Power of Positive Aerobics $19.95   
We will mail you the DVD.

 Product Return Policy

Our policy is to not accept non-defective videos/DVDs that have been opened because of the anti-piracy regulations which protect duplication. We want you to be satisfied. If you have a specific problem with a product, please send an email to to resolve your situation. Defective products can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase. If found to be defective, we will send a replacement copy of the same title.

If you have any questions, send an email to

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