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 Free Meditative Movements™ to Promote Health & Wellbeing

A black/white man/woman standing on the earth with roots going into the ground and branches growing towards the sun and moon. Owl, cardinal, butterflies.So exciting!!! Our vision for you to awaken your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Being through Meditative Movements are captured succinctly in our new branding image. When I view this artwork, I am reminded to let life flow in, as and through me. What is touched within you?

Your life story is unique to you. Yet we are bound together by our common needs of acceptance, belonging and connection. Our intent is to freely give you movements that promote your health and well-being. To accomplish this, we are:

  1. sharing at least one Meditative Movement™ video a month. We have created a dedicated page where you will have access to over 140 cardio, flexibility, balance and strengthening movements. Experience a centering, energizing or releasing movement today.

  2. changing our quarterly eNewsletter distribution to monthly. In this way, you will be informed when the featured movement is available. Most movements are 2-4 minutes in length, can be completed during your routine day and are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. The beauty of practicing throughout the month is that this kinetic energy becomes part of your muscle memory. You truly embody the changes you desire. Sign UP.

  3. offering you easy ways to learn more about this empowering technique. Our FREE Saturday Zoom classes are an easy way to experience the movements with others and in the comforts of your own home. Registration is required.

Yes! Now is an opportune time. Unleash your personal power in a new way to bring inner peace and harmony into your being regardless of external forces.


Bees Just Be

Free Release Holiday Stress with Meditative Movements™ Class

Zebra with stripes It may seem odd to add an activity to your already busier holiday schedule. Yet now is the perfect time to add Meditative Movements to your life so you can release holiday stress when you feel it. We are offering 3 FREE 1-Hour sessions so you can learn this empowering technique.

Register for a Dec 15, 2020 class.

 Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You Meditative Movement™

When we voice our thankfulness and feel it in our body, life responds generously. The four minute movement can expand your capacity to be filled with gratefulness. We featured this movement in November.

 Life Loves You by Louise Hay and Robert Holden

Life Loves You by Louise Hay and Robert HoldenGratitude is sacred. Chapter 5 focuses on Being Grateful Now. One of the reasons I resisted being grateful was because I wanted to avoid the disappointment if I lost that thing or relationship. This is an unfortunate way of thinking and worth changing.

Within the book there are daily practices. One affirmation you can say is I listen with love to my body's messages. When you focus on thanking your body, you willingly apologize when you ignore your body needs and messages. Yes to letting life love us and thanking our bodies.

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