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 A New Year's SMILE Resolution!

Green Frog Smiling

How do you feel about a New Year's resolution that is easy and completely financially free that makes a huge difference to your mood, health and happiness? Ecstatic? Curious? Apprehensive?

First, a little background. When I went to a public event, I looked for an open chair amidst the already seated circle of eleven women. No one seemed to notice me. Feeling sheepish, I sat down, put my purse on the floor and turned my attention to the facilitator. This is kind of normal behavior in Minnesota. Yet when a woman with a baby sat down, everyone turned her attention to that child and smiled.

My first thought was, "What would our adult lives be like if we were greeted like that baby?"

Welcoming! The giver of the smile feels happy. They are acknowledging the other person. The receiver of the smile gets a sense of belonging and feels the good intentions. Smiles are freeing for both the giver and receiver.

Yes, smiling is simple. Yet I invite you to practice the I Smile Meditative Movement™ because it gives you an opportunity to pay closer attention to what a smile does for you and to you. You can mindfully explore this powerful movement that enhances your precious moments.

  1. After you read the instructions, close your eyes which signals to your body that you are focusing inward.
  2. Pay attention to the normal position of your facial muscles. Now practice your smile and hold your smile for a count of four. If any thoughts arise that critique what you are doing, let them go. Return your facial muscles to their original position. Do this several times until you feel that your smile is natural.
  3. Integrate your breath and notice any subtle changes. Close your mouth and inhale through your nose. Exhale through your mouth and smile. Can you hear your breathe being released? I recommend performing your smile three more times.
  4. Now align your thoughts with your body's actions. Inhale. Exhale as you say, "I Smile" and move your facial muscles into your smiling position. Hold the smile for a count of four. Now practice all three together (breath, affirmation, movement) three more times.
  5. Now that you've completed roughly twelve smiles, your facial muscles are all warmed up. Are you feeling good on the inside and outside and ready to give your smiles away? I'd love to hear how many you give away today.


When you move and smile

Baby with Hand and Feet on Ground Smiling

your inner joy flows!

 2020 Leader Training

Meditative Movements Youth, Adults, Seniors, Assisted Living, Independent, Skilled Nursing

We are so excited to share our upcoming 2020 Minnesota Leader training. To schedule a training class in your area, contact Ellie.

 Creating Healthy Habits

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 The Intelligent Body by Kyle L. Davies

My favorite takeaway is that the biggest stress contributors are blocked or unprocessed emotions. He also shares that the body's stress response is identical regardless of whether the stressor is a physical injury, an illness, or an emotional trauma.

The book gives you scientific theories followed by practical skills and exercises you can use for your self or for those you serve.

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 Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Enjoy Your Life

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