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 January Featured : I Smile Meditative Movement™

Try the I Smile Meditative Movement™ to see if you are using 5 or up to 53 facial muscles. Read our blogs to explore having a New Year's resolution to smile more and other helpful information.

How do you feel about a New Year's Smile resolution that is easy and completely financially free that makes a huge difference to your mood, health and happiness?.

Smile Big | In the Magic of Thinking Big. Smiling is great medicine for any confidence deficiency. Have you ever thought of smiling as a confidence booster?

Sonya Renee Taylor: The Body is Not An Apology Movement. I bet you would smile more if you accepted your current weight.

A Smile Workout for Persons with Cancer and Chronic Health Conditions  Acknowledging and feeling all our emotions is essential to good health.

The Gift of Smiling and Activity Professionals Activity Professionals are skilled at honoring their resident's stories and nurturing their goals and dreams. To honor National Professional Activities Week, January 23-29, I want to share the I Smile Meditative Movement™ with you.

Happy Practicing!!!

  Smile - Working OUT?

Woman working out

Do You Smile When You Are Working OUT? Does that seem like a ridiculous question to you? My belief is that we ought to love or at least like whatever form of exercise we choose to do. Read more...

 Free Meditative Movement Sampler

KaNesha, Ellie, foodJoin us on Tues, Jan 25 for this one hour Zoom class starting at 6:30 CST. Please adjust to your timezone.

You will practice various meditation movements and experience a precious Yes to Life moment. This is a beautiful way to enhance your New Year. Then Health Coach KaNesha will give you insights on the health benefits of practicing meditations followed by a mindful eating exercise.

Learn more...

 Smile Affirmation


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