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  Love is All Around You

The I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ is our February movement highlight. It aligns your mind, your body and your being in a new way. Love is all around you. You can affirm this for yourself and discover it at any time.

When your mind is overwhelmed, it is easy to think negatively and fearfully. Because of the mind body connection, this can lead to anxiety, making you feel lost and unmotivated. Performing the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ can move you into a more calm and peaceful mindset, helping you feel the love that exists within yourself.

Your life experiences are unique to you. We have all experienced unloving interactions with others and with ourselves. This does not mean we are unworthy or unloved. What we need is forgiveness and practicing more self-love.

I believe that finding love within ourselves and others is our purpose on Earth. When we allow love to flow through us, we can impact others on a deeper level. This is a gift that you can grant yourself and give to others. Love can be seen, felt, thought, tasted, heard and touched within everything we experience, we have to start allowing it.

  Love is Timeless by Ellie Peterson

Flower with words Love is Timeless

Love is Timeless
And the Time is Now
I breath in
I breath out
The Unknowingness of Life

 Free 21 Day Loving Yourself Challenge

Free Meditative Movement Loving Yourself Challenge

What does loving yourself look like? Feel like? Taste like? Smell like? Sound like?

Join our 3 week FREE Loving Yourself Meditative Movement™ Challenge. Each week you will be introduced to a Meditative Movement™ that you can perform throughout your routine day. As you practice, you can move deeper into experiencing self love.

We start on Valentine's Day, February 14.

 3 Self-Love Questions

Free Meditative Movement Loving Yourself Challenge

Here are three questions you can ask yourself as you go about your day bringing love into your life and ultimately sharing it with others.

  1. What does love say about that?
  2. Am I choosing love over fear?
  3. Can I view this situation in a loving way?

You are invited to join our Facebook Loving Challenge Facebook group where you can share your responses.

 Power Vs Force by David Hawkins

Power Vs Force book cover

"To love is to live healthily–but love of our fellow man can ensue only when we stop condemning, fearing, and hating each other. Such radical change, however, can be disorienting; the courage to endure the temporary discomfort of growth is required and the mind tends to resist change as a matter of pride. Recovery from any disease process is dependent on willingness to explore new ways of looking at one's self and life, which includes the capacity to endure inner fears when belief systems are shaken. People cherish and cling to their hates and grievances, so to heal humanity, it may be necessary to pry entire populations away from lifestyles of spite, attack and revenge."

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