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 You Are Amazing!

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You are amazing. Yes, you! Let's start with your body. It is estimated that our bodies are made up of anywhere from 70 to 100 trillion cells and each of those is composed of around 100 trillion atoms. This is amazing. You are amazing. Now consider your body's basic senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. These senses are gifts that enable us to enjoy this world.

What about your mind? Scientists estimate that we have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. It is amazing how your brain can store information and then recall it. Think about all the information and skills you have already learned. Remarkable!

In our daily hustle and bustle, we can forget the fact that we are miracles. Taking a few minutes every day to remind ourselves of this truth is the answer. I invite you to try this simple exercise.

I believe we need to take time to appreciate our body, our mind and this gift of life every day. You can accomplish this by integrating a mindfulness practice into your daily routine.

 Meditative Movements™ Teacher Training

Meditative Movements for Youth, Adults, Seniors, Assisted Living, Independent, Skilled Nursing

Youth, adults, and the elderly enjoy practicing Meditative Movements™. They strengthen their bodies, calm their minds and energize their spirit. The movements are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. This teacher training will give you the Meditative Movements™ and background you need to teach others. You can share the movements one-on-one and in group settings. Help us bring alternative therapies to those in need.

Investment: $225

  1. 2.5 hours of in person classroom training
  2. Access to videos and written directions of 10 Meditative Movements™
  3. Teacher handbook
  4. Students practice on their own and then show successful demonstration of technique and complete written test (approximately 1 hour)
  5. Certificate of Attendance Letter 3.5 CEU
  6. Online teacher community
  7. Ongoing educational classes

Come to our MN trainings, otherwise invite Ellie to your location.


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Grace as a common term refers to moving in a pleasing and smooth way. Are you moving throughout your day and finding activities that bring you joy? Perhaps after your meals, you could take a brief walk which aids in your body's digestion.

Inner intelligence guides you if you take the time to listen. Our physical bodies and our minds are constantly informing us. For optimal health, we need to be in tune with them. What are you body messages and thoughts telling you?

Fellowship gives you a connection to others. Is now the time to join a new group or learn a new skill that will expand your people circles?

Trust in life. Life wants you to be here. You have a purpose. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment. Trust that. Practicing the I Trust Meditative Movement™ several times a day is a great way to retrain your body and mind so you are in alignment with your life force. This movement is part of the Yes to Life Meditative Movement™ series.

Surrender in this context means we give up resisting life. Paying attention to the language we use is a good way to gauge our own resistance. If you find yourself thinking or saying messages like "life shouldn't be this way" know that you are resisting. Do you replace harmful messages with nurturing ones?

 Calm Mind & Tired Body Promote Sleep


Sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping well requires our minds to be relaxed and our bodies to be tired. Do you need to train your mind and body so you can sleep more soundly?

If you have too much mental stimulation, you may have difficulty calming your mind. If you have gotten into the habit of using alcohol in the evenings as a way to relax, this has implications. Unfortunately, too much alcohol disrupts your sleeping patterns instead of enhancing it. It can cause you to initially fall asleep, yet you awaken in the early morning unable to fall back asleep.

When you lack the physical exercise needed to make your body tired, this is another reason sleep may be elusive. Our bodies are designed to move and play. If your job is sedentary, you need to find alternative ways to be active. Playful activities include dancing, gardening, walking in nature, riding bikes, and participating in sporting events.

An effective workout regimen includes cardio, flexibility, balance and strengthening movements. The duration and intensity depend on your own physical abilities and goals. We invite you to incorporate some Meditative Movement™ into your daily activities to promote healthy sleep by moving your body and calming your mind.

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