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 February Edition Love is All Around You

The I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ is our February movement highlight. It aligns your mind, your body and your being in a new way. Love is all around you. You can affirm this for yourself and discover it at any time.

When your mind is overwhelmed, it is easy to think negatively and fearfully. Because of the mind body connection, this can lead to anxiety, making you feel lost and unmotivated. Performing the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ can move you into a more calm and peaceful mindset, helping you feel the love that exists within yourself.

Your life experiences are unique to you. We have all experienced unloving interactions with others and with ourselves. This does not mean we are unworthy or unloved. What we need is forgiveness and practicing more self-love.

I believe that finding love within ourselves and others is our purpose on Earth. When we allow love to flow through us, we can impact others on a deeper level. This is a gift that you can grant yourself and give to others. Love can be seen, felt, thought, tasted, heard and touched within everything we experience, we have to start allowing it.

  Love is Timeless by Ellie Peterson

Flower with words Love is Timeless

Love is Timeless
And the Time is Now
I breath in
I breath out
The Unknowingness of Life

 Free 21 Day Loving Yourself Challenge

Free Meditative Movement Loving Yourself Challenge

What does loving yourself look like? Feel like? Taste like? Smell like? Sound like?

Join our 3 week FREE Loving Yourself Meditative Movement™ Challenge. Each week you will be introduced to a Meditative Movement™ that you can perform throughout your routine day. As you practice, you can move deeper into experiencing self love.

We start on Valentine's Day, February 14.

 3 Self-Love Questions

Free Meditative Movement Loving Yourself Challenge

Here are three questions you can ask yourself as you go about your day bringing love into your life and ultimately sharing it with others.

  1. What does love say about that?
  2. Am I choosing love over fear?
  3. Can I view this situation in a loving way?

You are invited to join our Facebook Loving Challenge Facebook group where you can share your responses.

 Power Vs Force by David Hawkins

Power Vs Force book cover

"To love is to live healthily–but love of our fellow man can ensue only when we stop condemning, fearing, and hating each other. Such radical change, however, can be disorienting; the courage to endure the temporary discomfort of growth is required and the mind tends to resist change as a matter of pride. Recovery from any disease process is dependent on willingness to explore new ways of looking at one's self and life, which includes the capacity to endure inner fears when belief systems are shaken. People cherish and cling to their hates and grievances, so to heal humanity, it may be necessary to pry entire populations away from lifestyles of spite, attack and revenge."

 January 2021 Edition Smile Resolution

How do you feel about a New Year's resolution that is easy and completely financially free that makes a huge difference to your mood, health and happiness? Ecstatic? Curious? Apprehensive?

We are inviting you to join us again this year for a Smile resolution. Practice the I Smile Meditative Movement™ with me.

Read more about Smiling Resolution blog.

  Did you know?

Woman Smiling

Free Saturday Zoom Meditative Movements™ Class

Zebra with stripes

With the change of seasons, are you feeling scared because of the implications of COVID-19? You think you will be confined and limited as the weather brings you indoors. You are concerned about you and your families mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Our free Zoom classes give you an easy way to experience the empowering Meditative Movement technique in the comforts of your own home. You can exercise your personal power in a new way so you feel confident this winter.

Register today as space is limited.

 Welcome Project DIVA International

Picture of NedaReneeKellogg Neda Renee Kellogg, Executive Director of Project DIVA International and Keeya Allen have received their teaching certificates. They are sharing Meditative Movements with their girls in various ways.

Over the past 13 years, Neda Renee has delivered culturally relevant programming, emotionally stabilizing mindsets and purpose filled opportunities to Black girls in 6th through 12th grades. Focusing holistically around academic, social, emotional, career, financial, and wellness behaviors, her organization has sustained a less than one-percent teen pregnancy rate, 100% school year completion rate and a 99% graduation rate.

Learn how you can support Neda's mission.

 Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz

Cover of Magic of Thinking Big

In the Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz, he encourages his readers to SMILE BIG. Smile until your teeth show. No half-hearted wimpy grin. Smiling is great medicine for any confidence deficiency. Have you ever thought of smiling as a confidence booster? He claims people don't believe smiling works because they haven't smiled when they feel fear. Try putting a foolish grin on your face and see if you can feel defeated. Here is what a real, genuine smile can do for you.

  1. give you confidence
  2. roll away worry
  3. cure despondency
  4. melt away the opposition of others

Read entire article...

 4th Quarter, 2020 Edition

 Free Meditative Movements™ to Promote Health & Wellbeing

A black/white man/woman standing on the earth with roots going into the ground and branches growing towards the sun and moon. Owl, cardinal, butterflies.So exciting!!! Our vision for you to awaken your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual Being through Meditative Movements are captured succinctly in our new branding image. When I view this artwork, I am reminded to let life flow in, as and through me. What is touched within you?

Your life story is unique to you. Yet we are bound together by our common needs of acceptance, belonging and connection. Our intent is to freely give you movements that promote your health and well-being. To accomplish this, we are:

  1. sharing at least one Meditative Movement™ video a month. We have created a dedicated page where you will have access to over 140 cardio, flexibility, balance and strengthening movements. Experience a centering, energizing or releasing movement today.

  2. changing our quarterly eNewsletter distribution to monthly. In this way, you will be informed when the featured movement is available. Most movements are 2-4 minutes in length, can be completed during your routine day and are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. The beauty of practicing throughout the month is that this kinetic energy becomes part of your muscle memory. You truly embody the changes you desire. Sign UP.

  3. offering you easy ways to learn more about this empowering technique. Our FREE Saturday Zoom classes are an easy way to experience the movements with others and in the comforts of your own home. Registration is required.

Yes! Now is an opportune time. Unleash your personal power in a new way to bring inner peace and harmony into your being regardless of external forces.


Bees Just Be

Free Release Holiday Stress with Meditative Movements™ Class

Zebra with stripes It may seem odd to add an activity to your already busier holiday schedule. Yet now is the perfect time to add Meditative Movements to your life so you can release holiday stress when you feel it. We are offering 3 FREE 1-Hour sessions so you can learn this empowering technique.

Register for a Dec 15, 2020 class.

 Thank You, Thank You,
Thank You Meditative Movement™

When we voice our thankfulness and feel it in our body, life responds generously. The four minute movement can expand your capacity to be filled with gratefulness.

 Life Loves You by Louise Hay and Robert Holden

Life Loves You by Louise Hay and Robert HoldenGratitude is sacred. Chapter 5 focuses on Being Grateful Now. One of the reasons I resisted being grateful was because I wanted to avoid the disappointment if I lost that thing or relationship. This is an unfortunate way of thinking and worth changing.

Within the book there are daily practices. One affirmation you can say is I listen with love to my body's messages. When you focus on thanking your body, you willingly apologize when you ignore your body needs and messages. Yes to letting life love us and thanking our bodies.

 3rd Quarter, 2020 Edition

 Our Meditative Movement™ Story

A black/white man/woman standing on the earth with roots going into the ground and branches growing towards the sun and moon. Owl, cardinal, butterflies.

Over 40 years ago, I received the I Can Meditative Movement™ from the Source of all our inspirations. As I walked about the lake, I would repeat the "I can" affirmation often with tears streaming down my face. After all, I was suffering so much. When I was 23 years old, I was divorced and raising three small children on my own while making $80 a week as "Ellie from the deli." My body was unhealthy; my mind was chaotic, and my spiritual being was weighed down with fear, self-pity, anger, and worthlessness. The movements gave me a way to release harmful energies while strengthening nurturing ones.

Because I was experiencing so many positive changes in my life, like feeling worthy, quitting smoking, and being assertive, I wanted to share the movements with others. When I attended the College of St. Catherine in 1987, my business dream was put onto paper. My college marketing class projects focused on how I would communicate this newly created technique to others. Now it is so much fun to have this artwork depicting what Meditative Movements can be in your life. For me I feel a connection to all of life. This piece was done in collaboration with Christina Plichta (Illustrator / Artist).

What stirs in you as you view it? One woman stated that she had a visceral reaction. Are your stories coming alive within you? What wants to be acknowledged, heard, and possibly healed?

Share your thoughts on our Facebook Facebook page and checkout our new website redesign.


Fluffy White Clouds Moving Through Sky with Rainbow
May we acknowledge and appreciate every breath.

 Become a Meditative Mover

 Free Saturday Classes

Exercise your personal power in a new way. You will learn seated and standing movements that can help you feel supported and loved. Movements are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. Wear comfortable clothes and bring some water.

Day: Starting September 12 through December 19, 2020

Duration: 30 Minutes

Start Time: 10:30 EDT, 9:30 CDT, 8:30 MDT

Register: Zoom classes

 I Breathe Meditative Movement™

Breath . . .our gift of life. If you have had the awesome opportunity to be a part of the birthing or dying process, you know that the breath brings the body to life and what finally leaves when death occurs. When I am reminded of these two miracles of life, I pause. Sometimes I am afraid because I cannot control how this works. Other times, I marvel at this gift and am okay with life's mystery.

George Floyd, a black man from my hometown, uttered the words, "I can't breathe" as a white police officer's knee was on his neck. As I write this, I pause again and take a breath. It is hard for me to comprehend. Conscious breathing is a way to keep me centered and in the moment. My heart wants to be open as my mind and body fight to understand many of the happenings in our world.

Read the entire article which was originally published in September Community Press Florida.

 me and white supremacy by Layla Saad

Me & White Supremacy by Layla SaadThank you Centers for Spiritual Living for offering an online five week book discussion on me and white supremacy by Layla Saad. Each week I was able to come together with other white people to discuss my daily journaling responses.

Layla did a great job defining terms like white fragility and savorism so I could understand my underlying unconscious beliefs.

She asks you to take a look at how the system of racism has been perpetuated by white people who choose not to educate themselves and explore their own prejudices.

Many of my past traumas and fears have been surfacing. While uncomfortable, I know that this is valuable work for me to do.

I invite you to open your heart and mind and see what you find.

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