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 I Matter - Your Mental & Emotional Health Matter

The month of May features the I Matter Meditative Movement™. We have written several blogs to help connect you to the movement.

Believing You Matter to Reach Fulfilling Success    Your Presence is Important: Validate Your Own Worth    YOUnique

Happy Practicing!!!

 Higher Self-Worth Better Emotional Immunity


You Matter, You Matter, You Matter, Matter, Matter.

 Access to Saturday Classes

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Beth, an eNewsletter recipient said she wanted to attend our free Saturday Meditative Movement classes that occur at 9:30 CST, yet she lives in Pacific time. If you are unable to attend a class for whatever reason, anyone can practice one of our half hour classes by joining our private FB group so you have can access to our Spring recorded Zoom classes anytime.

 Believing You Matter to Reach Fulfilling Success

On Top Mountain Success

If the world you live in is fast paced and competitive or slow and dispirited, you are probably looking ahead into an unknown future. You are wondering what your next steps are in life. You may think "If I land this job, I will matter," "If I find my perfect soul mate, I will matter," "If I buy this, I will matter." Having these thoughts takes you out of the present moment, and it affects your self-worth. Appreciating who you are today is the first step. You do matter. Then maintaining a healthy outlook on your future goals knowing you matter keeps your energy and enthusiasm high. Read entire article.

 Art of Uncertainty by Dennis Jones

Art of Uncertainty by Dennis Jones My passion is learning so I love reading books. Often I get the book from the library and then type up excerpts that are meaningful which may have errors. My apologies to Dennis if I have typed incorrectly. My goal is to share and invite you to read his book.

"When you discover who you are and you live from your true identity, the only opinion that matters is your own. The universe takes your deepest thoughts and beliefs about yourself and life and if it could speak it would say, "Yes if this is what you believe, I can only agree with you. It doesn't matter if the beliefs you are holding are life-affirming and positive or self-defeating and negative. Either way the universe conspires to help you succeed in bringing those beliefs to fruition."

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