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Meditative Movement™ Certificate Training

Diverse People, Young, Old, Disabled, Abled Being a Meditative Movement teacher connects you with your students in a safe, trusting space because you have similar experiences. You can receive financial, spiritual, physical, mental, and occupational well–being and livelihood opportunities by becoming a teacher. Our technique can increase your professional offerings and compliment your education, skills and expertise.

You can receive Continuing Education credits (CEU's). We offer our certificate training so you can give the people you serve the resources they need to be healthy in mind, body and being. Individuals who are passionate about natural, preventative health care alternatives are attracted to our simple, yet powerful Meditative Movement™ programs.

As a by-product of sharing these mind body therapeutic movements, your own life improves naturally. It is a perfect self-care practice because most movements are 2-4 minutes long and are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. You release negativity and retrain your brain to embrace positive, loving thoughts too. Your body experiences better health and well-being. Inherently, you become a better, more effective provider.

A 2017 University of Minnesota research study found these meditation movements reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional wellbeing for persons with chronic health conditions.

Trainings are designed with you and your specialized professional needs in mind. Learn how you can easily integrate Meditative Movements™ into your service offerings and for your own self-care. We can customize our training. An adult learner stated that the training was great because she felt set up to succeed.

 Professional Training

This Course is Designed for:

Registered Nurses/Nurse Practitioners
Occupational Therapists, Social Workers
Therapists, Behaviorial Health, Mental Health Practitioners
Yoga Teachers, Healers
Life/Wellness Coaches
Integrative/Holistic Medicine Practitioners
Clergy, chaplains, deaconesses
Youth workers

Receive CEU and register.

Wellness Providers & Loved Ones

This Course is Designed Especially for Dementia Providers:

Dementia Resident

Continuum of Care staff
Occupational, Physical, Speech Therapists
Family Members
Residential Activities Specialist
Dementia Professionals

Receive CEU and register.


"This technique makes a huge difference on memory care resident's energy level and behavior. It helps them feel grounded, centered and is especially helpful when residents feel agitated and have upset feelings. "    Melissa, Activity Director

Picture of Natalie Lu"When your needs are met, those you serve benefit too. Having an abundance of positive energy, you give your nursing, doctor, caregiving skillset with hope, compassion, and love. You can also share the movements with your patients and co-workers so they can experience their healing powers." Natalie Lu, a Registered Nurse with a Master of Science in Nursing/Health Care Education

"Wonderful training, I really enjoyed it. Ellie was very understanding that we were learning a new tool. She is a great teacher and is very compassionate." Deb Davis, Volunteer Provider

Kids Kinship Feedback

"The students at Prosperity Heights Elementary really enjoyed Ellie's workout. They liked the I Am Healthy Meditative Movement™ and I Am Strong Meditative Movement™ the best. It was fun to educate the students on the power of affirmations. As a reminder the word affirmation is on our Word Wall in the gym." Wally Grant P.E. Teacher (MN Elem. P. E. Teacher of the Year 1995)

"I thought the program was fun. The I Am Strong Meditative Movement™ is my favorite. Thank you for offering this class." Jakkan

To schedule a training class in your area, contact Ellie at 612-710-3415 or

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