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 Pandemic Meditative Movement™ Certificate Training

Meditative Movements Youth, Adults, Seniors, Assisted Living, Independent, Skilled Nursing

Are you looking for easy and effective self-care practices? Now, more than ever the Meditative Movement technique can be an essential part of caring for yourself. Your well-being depends on meeting your own mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical needs daily. Check out our customized online training options at a reduced rates for essential workers.

We offer our training so you can give the people you serve the resources they need to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Individuals who are passionate about natural, preventative health care alternatives are attracted to our simple, yet powerful Meditative Movements™ programs. As a by-product of sharing these mind body therapeutic movements, your own life improves naturally. You release negativity and retrain your brain to embrace positive, loving thoughts too. Your body experiences better health and well-being.

Inherently, you become a better, more effective provider.

Trainings are designed with you and your specialized professional needs in mind. Learn how you can easily integrate Meditative Movements™ into your service offerings.

Wellness Providers: Nurses, Doctors Mental Health Practitioners, Counselors, Licensed Therapists Activity Directors & Coordinators, OT, PT, RT, Residential Activities Specialist School Teachers, Behavioral Health Workers, Social Workers

Student Testimonial

Wonderful training, really enjoyed it. Ellie was very understanding that we were learning a new tool. She is a great teacher and is very compassionate.

If you want someone to teach a Meditative Movement™ class, visit our Who is Teaching page.

 To schedule a training class in your area, contact Ellie

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