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Awaken Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Being

When you align your mind and body with your spiritual being, you feel connected to all of life. You are able to be in the present moment fully awake. We give you our expressive, heart-felt Meditative Movements freely so you can release your feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and fear and learn to cultivate inner joy and peace. Together, we can create a future that is exciting and free from suffering.

Now is the time to meditate while you move. See how you feel after practicing one or two uplifting meditation movements.

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Experience simple, mindful self-care practices for daily living.

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Who We Are

This innovative mind-body meditation movement program incorporates western science with modern day philosophies and ancient wisdom.

Our easy-to-follow, meditation movements can be practiced during your routine day and are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. You can feel empowered after practicing a simple mind-body movement.

A 2017 University of Minnesota research study found this meditation practice reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional wellbeing for persons with chronic health conditions.

Youth, adults, and seniors enjoy practicing the movements which strengthen their bodies, calm their minds and energize their spirit.

Everybody! This is such a useful tool. Personally, it is very life-changing.   Bekah, Life Coach

A black/white man/woman standing on the earth with roots going into the ground and branches growing towards the sun and moon. Owl, cardinal, butterflies.

Created in collaboration with Christina Plichta (Illustrator / Artist)


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 Who We Serve

This program isn't about forcing yourself to do physical exercises because you know it is good for you. It is about aligning your mind, your body, and your spiritual being in the present moment. In this way you can experience life as a confident, loving, and energized individual. Meditative Movements Youth, Adults, Seniors, Assisted Living, Independent, Skilled Nursing Whatever unhealthy tendency you inherited (alcoholism, eating disorders, gambling, co-dependency, or low self-esteem) or significant/tragic events that have occurred in your life (death, divorce, loss of employment, illness), you can create the changes in your life that you desire. This program gives you the daily movements you need.

Our innovative movement programs can fit into your busy lifestyles and individual preferences. Whatever your physical ability, age, life history, you can embrace this technique and embody your own truth. Through keynote addresses and speaking engagements, educational workshops, print, video resources, inhome products and leader training, you can learn how to incorporate Meditative Movements™ into your daily life so you can feel good naturally.

Through my upcoming book, Meditative Movements™ For People Living with Chronic Health Conditions, is for anyone seeking natural healing modalities especially those in need of emotional and mental health support. The book details how to integrate the movements into your daily routine so you can feel good physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. With my own cancer, practicing the movements brought me more hope, calm, and playfulness. May this be your experience too. Meditative Movement VideoExperience Meditative Movements and see how you feel. More to come.

Youth, adults and seniors enjoy practicing this technique because they feel empowered. You can create the changes you want in your life. It takes time and focus – one affirming movement at a time.

Some of Our Clients: Gilda's Cancer Club, Pathways Healing Center, National Association for Activity Professionals, Ebenezer Care Centers, Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health, NuWay House, Good Leadership Enterprises, Normandale Community College, Florida Gulf Coast University, Youth Intervention Program Association, Office of Police Conduct Review, Pathways, People Serving People, Minnesota Occupational Therapists


Stressed People

As a retired engineer, I like to be persuaded by experience and scientific data when trying something new. At the recommendation of a friend, I grudgingly went to Ellie's class at Gilda's Cancer Club. The exercises seemed pretty hokey. Yet my personal experience was great. It was easy, and I felt more positive, motivated, and calm during and after the class. Then I found out that there was a formal study and checked it out at the University of Minnesota. Ellie is the real deal plus she is fun and caring. Meditative Movements changed my life for the better. Maggi Hutcheson: Cancer survivor and living with chronic illness testimonial

I entered the class with a headache and feeling wiped out. I left feeling on a more even keel and no headache. Even after six hours it has not returned. Pathways Participant

The mantras with the movements imprint the messages into my muscles. Another highlight was when I kept making mistakes yet I didn't feel bad. It's nice to know and hear yourself saying nice things to yourself. Pathways Participant

This approach is a natural tie in for me. I've been running and weight training for number of years. Since I started integrating the affirmations into my existing routine, I find that I'm more relaxed and focused. Tom, Avid Exerciser

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Strengthen Your Body, Empower Your Mind, Energize Your Being