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I love reading inspirational messages to help me start my day. Here are some resources:

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Notes from The Universe are designed to remind you that you have been given dominion over all things.

Free Loving Yourself Meditative Movements 21 Day Challenge

Free Meditative Movement Loving Yourself 21 Day Challenge

Loving yourself means you take time to be with yourself. By practicing Meditative Movements, you release harmful energy while embracing nurturing energy. This simple program integrates physical movements with core value affirmations. You can easily perform the movements in your home, office, school and gym settings. Whatever your physical abilities, you can enjoy being in your body and affirming who you truly are.

When you take care of your own mind, body and being needs, you connect with the source of love and goodness. Feeling loved yourself, you give freely to others.

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Free Eight Seated Meditative Movements

Try these eight simple seated Meditative Movements.

Yes, No and the I Experience Meditative Movements begin your seated practice. Life wants you to be here. When you appreciate the gift of your life, miracles happen.

The last five movements focus on being, believing, trusting, giving and receiving.

We hope you find pleasure in affirming your mind and your body in a new way. This frees your being.

You are worthy of living an awesome life. When you take time for yourself and give yourself the space, you can transform your life experience. By practicing one Meditative Movement at a time, you are empowered to realize this.

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Free Maximum Heart Rate Calculator

If you monitor your heart rate during exercise, you can keep track of how hard you're exercising. Your target heart range is the range of heartbeats per minute that is ideal for you during workouts. If you've been inactive or your goal is to stay in shape, you should have a target heart range with a lower value of 50% of your maximum heart rate and an upper value of 70% of your maximum heart rate. So if your maximum heart rate is 180, then your target heart range would be 90-126. For fitness improvement, use a target heart range of 70% to 90% of your maximum heart rate.

There are several ways to determine your maximum heart rate. We use a calculated estimate based on age. Remember to consult a physician prior to starting any exercise program. Here's how to calculate your maximum heart rate:

I am a
My age:
My current weight:

Taking your pulse. To check if you are within your target zone, take your pulse during your workouts. If possible keep on moving as you gently press down on your pulse inside your wrist. Count the number of beats in 10 seconds and then multiply that number by 6 to calculate your target heart rate. Adjust your level of exertion to match your target heart rate.

Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Change Your Life