Meditative Movements: Mind Body Exercise Program
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Meditative Movement™ Educator Teacher Training

Youth Moving

Are you looking for simple activities that your students can perform during the day to help them manage their emotional energy? Meditative Movements™ gives students a quick way to express their emotions in ways that do not harm themselves or others. You can teach these movements to your students anytime throughout the day to release tension and get them calm again.

Here are some benefits of practicing Meditative Movements™ during the school day:

  1. Practice self regulation in healthy ways
  2. Increases awareness physical/mental energy
  3. Imprints positive affirmation message into their mind/body
  4. Exercises their physical body
  5. Redirects their thought patterns
  6. Improves communication skills
Kids Kinship Feedback

"I thought the program was fun. The I Am Strong Meditative Movement™ is my favorite. Thank you for offering this class." Jakkan

"The students at Prosperity Heights Elementary really enjoyed Ellie's workout. They liked the I Am Healthy Meditative Movement™ and I Am Strong Meditative Movement™ the best. It was fun to educate the students on the power of affirmations. As a reminder the word affirmation is on our Word Wall in the gym." Wally Grant P.E. Teacher (MN Elem. P. E. Teacher of the Year 1995)

"This was a great addition to my aerobics and conditioning class! All of my students had very positive feedback and the affirmations helped them realize the importance of saying positive things to themselves on a regular basis! Ellie's passion for this type of aerobics was definitely shown and was contagious! She did a wonderful job and I really hope to have her back to share her talent with my future students!" Kelly Harris, High School Health and Physical Education Teacher

University of Minnesota Research Findings

The 2016/2017 University of Minnesota feasibility research study concluded that Meditative Movements™ may be effective in reducing anxiety, depression, and fatigue, while improving emotional well-being and functional well-being for persons with chronic health conditions. The findings suggest that Meditative Movements™ may be used as an alternative and complementary therapy or rehabilitation program for persons with chronic health conditions.

When asked what was most beneficial, participants responded.

More calmBetter sleepFeel more positive about self Less negative attitudeMore confidence Less tired, more energy

 Upcoming Trainings in Collaboration

 Thur, Oct 18 (2 sessions)

Times: 6:30-9:00pm for classroom instruction. Schedule test out with instructor.

Location: The Carlyle, 100 3rd Ave S Minneapolis, MN


 Wednesday, Nov 7 (1 session)

Times: 9:30-3:30pm for classroom instruction and test out.

Location: Longevity Studio, LaPlata, Maryland

Registration & More Information

 $125 Teacher Certificate Includes:

  1. 2.5 hours of in person classroom training
  2. Access to videos and written directions of 10 Meditative Movements™
  3. Teacher handbook
  4. Students practice on their own and then show successful demonstration of technique and complete written test (approximately 1 hour)
  5. Certificate of Attendance Letter 3.5 CEU
  6. Online teacher community
  7. Ongoing educational classes

*Recertification is required after two years and cost is $45.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the teacher training process?

  1. Attend the in person class room training. Sign the Certificate Promises.
  2. Practice the movements on your own. We estimate 4-6 hours of practice time.
  3. Learn the information from the teacher handbook.
  4. Upon successful demonstration of technique, receive teaching certificate. If you fail to pass the certificate test, additional fees will be applied for test redos. Your teaching certificate is valid for two years.
  5. Have fun teaching your movements and making a difference in other's lives.

Q. How long is the teaching certificate valid?

     A. Recertification is required after two years and cost is $45.

To schedule a training class in your area, contact Ellie.

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