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Our topics cover:

Addictions & Recovery
Mental Health
Anxiety, Depression and Stress

 Free Inspiration

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I love reading inspirational messages to help me start my day. Here are some resources that you might enjoy that are free.

   Hazelden focuses on recovery. Daily Free Thought For Day

   Eckhart Tolle: Creating New Earth Together and the Power of Now Present Moment Reminders from Eckhart

   Daily Good: News that Inspires sends an enriching quote every day. Subscribe to News that Inspires

Classes / Events

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Free Saturday Fall Zoom Classes

Become a Meditative Mover.

Day: Saturdays, Starting September 12 through December 19, 2020

Duration: 30 Minutes

Start Time: 10:30 EDT, 9:30 CDT, 8:30 MDT

Register: Zoom classes.


Ellie Having Fun Speaking

Ellie gives inspiring keynote addresses, facilitates impactful workshops and conducts online trainings. Her interactive presentations can be customized to meet your objectives, learning style and budget.

Ellie's skillful storytelling engages you and you come to believe in yourself and your own power to create change. While change takes effort, she makes it fun.

Seeing results adds to the momentum. The biggest obstacles we face in achieving what we want are ourselves. True there are outside circumstances that may seem daunting, however, once we learn to nurture ourselves, those obstacles are surmountable by integrating Meditative Movements™ into your daily routine.

Contact Ellie at 612-710-3415.


Meditative Movement™ Beginners Journey Meditative Movements™ Beginner's Journey PDF

A beginner's journey to feeling great. Meditative Movement™ Beginner's Journey unites your body, mind and being in an empowering way.

The movements are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. There are seated, standing and floor movements. As you move your body, you will focus on your breath then add the core value affirmations.

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