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Coaching Support ~ Awaken Your Magnificence

Bekah Rieke

Whatever unhealthy tendency you inherited (alcoholism, eating disorders, gambling, co-dependency, or low self-esteem) or significant/tragic events that have occurred in your life (death, divorce, loss of employment, illness, retirement), you can create the changes in your life that you desire.

Perhaps you need a little coaching support reminding you that you are not alone. When you bury your energy and personal power by ignoring your emotions, not listening to your body, and acting like you are a human doer instead of a human being, the result can be depression, broken relationships, unhealthy habits, and disease.

If you want to deepen your relationship with yourself, then I might be the right coach for you. The results are more harmony and balance in daily living. Your physical body enjoys greater health, your mind experiences peace while your being feels free. As you nurture your inner self, your outside experiences change naturally. You can release the harmful perceptions that cause illness and unhappiness while embracing those that promote health, happiness and wholeness.

Bekah RiekeBekah Rieke, Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach, Sage Spoon Living and a School Teacher has been my client for many years.

She is giving her gifts to the world in many ways. It has been my pleasure to affirm her brillance.

"Working with Ellie is a trip between the inner unconscious and conscious of one's psyche and soul purpose. As a result, I come out of sessions with Ellie with a surprisingly clear sense of the way forward, of next steps, and a sense of purpose, what I want to do or NOT do."

"While coaching with Ellie can be a daring journey into one's courage and stretching of limits, it is cocooned in a warm sense of safety and taking care of oneself. I feel safe and secure with Ellie, while also facing some of the scariest aspects of walking my walk on this earth."

Paul Batz Paul Batz, Good Leadership Enterprises, has been my coaching client for over nine years. Here is his perspective on our coaching relationship.

"Competitive golfers are encouraged to journal about their thoughts in the heat of the battle. The most common trap is negative self-talk. I'm a CEO, and a professional Executive Coach. I believe, if I'm going to be an exceptional coach, I need exceptional coaching myself. Sports psychologists say 'beating you up' is the job of mother nature and your opponent: your job is to be your own best friend, so you can stay positive and keep your best golf possible.

Can we agree sometimes it's hard to avoid beating ourselves up? We're all living in the same's easy for unpredictable plot twists to trigger the negative self-talk. That's why I'm so pleased to introduce you to my coach: Ellie Peterson".

Embrace & Embody Your Truth

Path out of jungle onto mountain top My approach is to listen intently and hear what you need to explore within yourself to realize your dreams. Then I reflect, give you my insights, and direct you to additional resources. As we imagine possibilities together, I want you to embrace and embody your own truth.

I have been in recovery for over 40 years and have a breath of experience in all phases of living...although if you are older than 65 then I have not been there yet.

This excerpt from Personal Coaching for Results by Lou Tice states my intent well: " It's important to realize, though, that optimists don't wear glasses so deeply rose-colored that a clear picture of what's really out there can't get through. Optimism isn't taking foolish risks or adopting a Pollyanna attitude that denies the existence of pain, difficulty, and struggle. It's a hopeful, encouraging, useful way of explaining our experiences in life. Marty Seligman talks about "the word in your heart. "If it's yes, he says, you're an optimist. If it's no, you're a pessimist. And he and I both agree that you have the power to change it from no to yes, if you choose to."

Thank you for your time and consideration. May you be healthier, happier and feel whole.

Coaching Investment Pricing Options:

  1. $250 for 1 one hour Zoom or phone session
  2. $900 for 4 one hour Zoom or phone sessions
  3. $1600 for 8 one hour Zoom or phone sessions

If my fees are beyond your financial means, please contact me and we can figure something out. Ellie, 612-710-3415 or

Schedule your free 20 minute consultation with Ellie, 612-710-3415 or to determine if now is the right time.

If you prefer group settings, check out the Yes to Life Series and see if that is a better fit for you.

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