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Free Book Discussion : Recovering From Racial Disparity for White People

Recovery from Lie of Whiteness workbook

Are you a recovering racist? Do you think that you need to recover from the lie of whiteness? Do you consider that you need to recover from the lie of whiteness?

Since George Floyd's death, I have been educating myself on these concepts. When I heard I could apply the 12 Step Program, which I have been using for over 40 years to address my co-dependency and other addictions, I became excited. Here is what I am learning.

Recovery from White Conditioning started in 2015 and the founding group is in Minnesota. In March 2020, their groups transitioned to weekly online meetings. They also offer many free resources. For example, this image and the following definition is taken from one of them.

How Can You Use the 12 Step Program to Heal from Racism?

For me, I am being asked to understand history and what I have been told in a new light. It is similar to when I began exploring my family of origin in the 12 Step Program. I benefited because I was learning to channel my desire for change in a loving and compassionate way. As we know, it is all to easy to use anger, blame and shame and avoid personal responsibility for our own actions, feelings, and thoughts.

You are invited to join me in upcoming monthly Zoom discussions using the Recovery from the Lie of Whiteness Be-coming Aware workbook.

Date: Starts Friday, Feb 10, 2023 continues on the second Friday of each month for 6 months ending on July 14, 2023.
Time: 6:30-7:30 CST Adjust to your time zone.
Format: Between the monthly meetings, the intent is that you will complete 2 steps. We will follow the 12 Step meeting traditions like anonymity.

Zoom registration is required.

Send Questions About Book Discussion to Read entire blog to learn more

Yes to Life Nine Month Zoom Classes

Are you living your life in a healthy body with a calm mind and an abundance of enthusiastic energy? I created this class so that your answer can be a resounding "YES" that is felt throughout your mind and body.

Our nine month Zoom classes can enrich your daily living while guiding you towards your lifetime dreams. Exploring new ways of being can be fun, easy and empowering. You will receive insights, guidance, and practical exercises that you can implement in your life easily. As you discover who you really are, you can release things that no longer serve you so life flows more freely.

During these classes, we explore how saying "YES" to life can bring more self-worth and personal power!

"I highly recommend the Yes to Life class series. Ellie provided a gentle, safe space for me to look inward and find my own unique insights about purpose, happiness and life. Combining thought provoking discussions, journaling and Meditative Movements, the Yes to Life class will fill your self love tank!" Carolyn Engleson, Certified Holistic Registered Nurse

You can start the nine month course on January 14, 2023 Learn More ...

I Own My Magic<

Free I Own My Own Magic Workshops

Experience simple, mindful self-care practices for daily living for the Black woman.

Invite KaNesha Belton Peligo, Certified Health Coach/Meditative Movement Instructor and Sonia Davis, Registered Nurse/ Certified Health Coach to provide this interactive presentation exploring how you can be healthier, happier and feel whole. This work is based on I Own My Own Magic: SELF-TALK FOR BLACK WOMAN book by Gennifer Michelle Goodloe. You will be performing a body scan, practicing Meditative Movements™, and reflecting on how to overcome the superwoman complex.

KaNesha      Sonia

Contact KaNesha at 612 405 7026 to plan your in-person or online workshops.

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