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Free Saturday Zoom Classes

Fluffy White Clouds Moving Through Sky with Rainbow Become a Meditative Mover

Life is for us. Like the clouds that move easily throughout the sky, are you able to let life flow in, as and through you? Or do you find yourself attached to your external world causing you to feel defeated, anxious and fearful? You feel out of control, helpless and often hopeless. If so, you are not alone. Many of us have been taught to fight life. Instead of honoring this gift of life and participating in it as a dignified soul, our bodies and minds have become literal war zones.

How do we stop this internal attack? By exercising your personal power in a new way using the Meditative Movement™ technique throughout your normal routine day. When you practice, you model how you want to live your life. In time, you are able to release any emotions that block the real you. You find that as you go about your day, you are expressing your true nature naturally. It feels so good.


Yes to Life Nine Month Zoom Classes

Picture of Steps All Together

Are you living your life in a healthy body with a calm mind and an abundance of enthusiastic energy? This class exists so that your answer can be a resounding "YES" that moves in, as and through you.

Our nine month Zoom classes can enrich your daily living while guiding you towards your lifetime dreams. Exploring new ways of being can be fun, easy and empowering. It does require effort and a commitment. You will receive insights, guidance and practical exercises that you can implement on a monthly basis. As you discover who you really are, you can release those things that no longer serve you so life flows more freely.

During these classes, we explore how you are saying "YES" to life.

You can start the nine month course on October 13, 2020 or January 7, 2021 or March 13, 2021.

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