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Self-care GIFTS

The gift of life surrounds us. It moves in, as and through us. When we are consciously thankful of this miracle, we enjoy being alive.

Each day we give of ourselves. In turn, we receive gifts from others and the world. A simple encounter like talking on the phone with a friend can bring you joy. You give of yourself by sharing and listening. In return, you receive a heart-felt connection.

This is a reminder to give yourself one of these self-care GIFTS today. Read entire article.

Gain Cancer Confidence

Woman Holding Hands Up in Victory

In 2008, I was diagnosed with appendix cancer, which brought my mortality into clear sight. Along with that, my deep fears of living and dying surfaced.

On a visceral level, I came to understand that life gave me no guarantees. Many of us not only fear dying, but we also fear living: we fear success, we fear failure, we fear others and ourselves. My focus was to be confident in life knowing its inherent uncertainties. Read entire article

Worthy to Receive

At the beginning of the year, I choose a word that best describes what I want my main internal focus to be. For 2021, I chose receiving.

As I explored how I receive, it became clear my feelings of unworthiness were an obstacle. During my formative childhood years and into the first part of adulthood, I attended Catholic Mass. As part of the service, the congregation states, "I am not worthy to receive you. Only say the words and I shall be healed." Read entire article

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