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Ellie's 28 Day Water Fasting Experience

Here is my recorded Zoom webinar where I share more about my experience with background.

"Everyone has a physician inside him or her, we just have to help it in its work.
The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.
Our food should be our medicine.
Our medicine should be our food.
But to eat when you are sick is to feed your sickness.

Hippocrates the Father of Western Medicine

Ellie with Dr. Daniel StanciuIn 2008, my appendix was removed, and cancer was found. Since that time, I have had other cancer-related surgeries. Understanding how the mind and body work prompted me to make lifestyle changes like quitting drinking, healthier food choices, feeling more of my emotions and learning how to express them in healthy ways. In May, 2022 when my blood results came back with alarming #'s, I told Dr. Daniel Stanciu that I was no longer going to follow the western protocols like colonoscopies and surgery. He said, "Then we will have to find another way" and handed me information about Tanglewood Wellness Center located in Costa Rica. As soon as I took the paper, I knew I was going and began organizing my travel plans.

The first step was making sure I was healthy enough for fasting. Loren Lockman, who has supervised over 4000 water-only fasts over the past 30 years, connected with me online. He recommended a 21-day water fast with the 7-day refeeding program for best results which I decided to do.

Below is some high level information about Tanglewood's water fasting process and my journey.

Thirty-two other people were participating in this 2022 summer session and others fasted from 7 – 40 days. Individuals came from Norway, Israel, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Chile, and the United States. Some had been to previous fasting sessions with Loren and were unable to sustain the lifestyle changes and needed support in detoxing their bodies once again.

Tanglewood Why Fast Benefits Each morning our vitals were taken: weight with body mass indicators, blood pressure, hydration levels, temperature, oxygen level, # of many glasses, # times peed during the night, and any bowel movements. Once a week, glucose was monitored.

Daily Loren met with us to discuss our numbers, look at the tongue for more detoxification clues and recommend any changes for that day. This was our chance to ask personal questions.

Every day Loren conducted one hour lectures so we were educated about water fasting, what to expect and given the opportunity to ask general questions. Key takeaway was that the body heals the body. Not Loren, fasting, food, supplements, surgery or any other external things. The body heals the body. We need to give it the time it deserves in order to digest what has already been consumed during our lifetime. Know that this includes food as well as any undigested emotions. Read Live in Harmony with Life: Your Self-Talk Matters blog for more background on the mind-body connection.

My task throughout the day was to slowly sip eight, 8-ounce glasses of water and conserve energy so my body could focus on healing. It is not possible to tell if someone is overhydrated, so we slowly increased my intake.

Tanglewood Why Fast BenefitsA critical component to this approach was to allow any repressed emotional traumas to surface. For me, from day three onward, I experienced many emotions connected to my hidden pain. Journaling about these revelations gave me one way to examine and release them. My night time dream life came alive. Enhancing visions of my future life were spontaneously entering my consciousness. Knowing that in order to heal them, I must experience them fully, I surrendered. To support these efforts to heal on spiritual, emotional and mental level as well, we could participate in a nightly 20 minute meditation followed by a group discussion on the book, Love Without Conditions: Reflections of the Christ Mind by Paul Ferrini. He says, "No one on earth has a better answer for you than the one you will find through trust in yourself and in me."The "me" reference refers to the Christ Mind or you can say Buddha, Krishna, Rumi, Brahman, Holy Spirit, Higher Power or God.

These gifts gave me many insights and comfort as I was allowing life to guide me and learn how to attune myself to what my body messages were communicating to me.

Water fasting allows the body time to heal itself instead of having to process food. Our large intestines are about the length of our physical height. However, our small intestines are approximately 22 feet long and twist and turn making it easy for food to get stuck. Loren calls it "old material" and it causes diseases and may be why nutrients are not being absorbed from food. He stated that it takes at least 10-11 days for the water to start breaking down the old material so it can be eliminated from the body.

During the fourth refeeding week, I ate small amounts of food. When I had bowel movements, the old material was being expelled. One way I could tell was the foul odor. For other participants, the stool was black. My body was getting rid of long held toxins. Six weeks later, I continue to detoxify by following this protocol.

My hope is that you are intrigued and want to learn more. My biggest benefit is that I am finally excited about my future physical health. Deep within my being, I knew that I could live a more peaceful, happy, and fulfilling life. I am grateful I had the courage to follow my intuition, for my doctor recommending and supporting me, and Tanglewood's vast experience to guide me to better well-being.

Thank you for taking your time to be with me. Sending you off with my blessing:

I live in health. Today I am alive. I celebrate my aliveness, my vitality. God, life itself has made me. God, life itself lives in, as and through me. God's energy empowers my body in every interaction. I think wonderful thoughts of living in perfect health. Perfect health is expressed through me as a divine demonstration of my limitless possibilities. So be it.

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