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 Relaxed Mind & Tired Body Promote Sleep

Moon I Sleep Affirmation

Sleep is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Sleeping well requires our minds to be relaxed and our bodies to be tired. Do you need to retrain your mind and body so you can sleep more soundly?

If you have too much mental stimulation, you may have difficulty calming your mind. If you have gotten into the habit of using alcohol in the evenings as a way to relax, this has implications. Unfortunately, too much alcohol disrupts your sleeping patterns instead of enhancing it. It can cause you to initially fall asleep, yet you awaken in the early morning unable to fall back asleep.

When you lack the physical exercise needed to make your body tired, this is another reason sleep may be elusive. Our bodies are designed to move and play. If your job is sedentary, you need to find alternative ways to be active.

Playful activities include dancing, gardening, walking in nature, riding bikes, and participating in sporting events. Because most of our daytime jobs do not involve enough physical activities, we have learned to include workouts as a way to exercise our body.

It is exciting because Meditative Movements™ may be your answer. These simple movements can be done throughout your routine day or as a dedicated workout. With over 140 different cardio, flexibility, balance and strengthening movements, you can move your body in pleasing ways. The duration and intensity depend on your own physical abilities and goals.

Sonia Amin Thomas

Sonia Amin Thomas, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, says, "For me practicing the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ in bed has provided relaxation as well as ease of mind. My husband is a night owl, and I am not. Falling asleep alone has been a trouble for me to overcome. To my surprise, the motion of hugging myself and reminding myself of love enables me to fall asleep more easily."

So if you want to promote healthy sleep, make sure you are moving your body and calming your mind during the day.

This technique integrates spoken affirmations with the breath and movements. Affirmations work because the subconscious mind creates exactly what you tell it. It does not distinguish self-talk messages that are harmful and those that are supportive. You are invited to practice a free Meditative Movements™ and notice how relaxed you can become. The I Relax Meditative Movement™ is featured this April.

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