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 Receive Emotional Healing

How do you heal emotionally? With my cancer diagnosis and now recent weight loss, I have been invited to heal my teenage girl messages about weight, sexuality, food and beauty.

A reminder that unprocessed, past hurtful messages cause suffering and disease. This is because we physically store them in our mind and body. Then we use some form of addiction to cover them up, deny them, repress them in an effort to alleviate the pain. Unfortunately, what we unconsciously are doing is attracting more of the same as the world's energies respond to our current thoughts and feelings. To learn more, view my Story from Brokenness to Wholeness video.

My morning routine includes Meditative Movements™, seated meditations, rituals and journaling. During this process, I was recently enlightened to some powerful, hidden messaging like "You are a poor excuse of a human being" and "You are justing taking up space." Ouch, ouch, ouch! To add more pain to injury, my thoughts reeled around my small breasts (now almost nonexistent). No surprise as years ago I wrote an article Moving Past Painful Moments that explains more of this aspect. At my writing group, I had started reading my piece and was filled with so much grief, I was not able to finish it. You know what it is like to write something and when you speak the words, you hear your message in a deepening way. When we voice our heart pains, they become more real especially when we have witnesses. A fellow woman author graciously completed it and she shared how difficult it was to do.

When I talked to my husband, he reminded me that now the words were in the light, I could replace them with nurturing and truthfilled ones. My immediate response was unfairness. I felt like I was a victim to my childhood and wanted protection from the experience. My thinking then went to "This should not have happened." While I can analyze and examine who and when these messages became a part of my being, I still need to let them go so I can be free.

Core value affirmations are the unique component of the Meditative Movements technique. The I'm Glad I'm Me Meditative Movement™ fits my self-appreciation need the best and I have been practicing faithfully. In this way, I forgive and no longer let that darkness be a part of me. It feels good to be giving myself the gift of love and receive emotional healing in the now. My desire is that you too receive love in all of its' forms.

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