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 Pedaling with Roosters

Bike along Lake Brienz

One thing I noticed during my recent Germany/Switzerland vacation was the number of bike riders. There are approximately 73 million bikes in Germany, which is almost one per person, while the U.S. has 66.5 million cyclists and bike riders.

German cyclists riding on the cobbled stoned streets would easily weave between walkers. Many of the paved roads have dedicated bike lanes making it easy and safe travel. Other road signs showed when riders needed to share the sidewalk with pedestrians.

When a rider whizzed by us, we noticed that they were usually using an e-bike. According to the Wall Street Journal, e-bikes lower the barrier to daily cycling and are great for work commuters. Most battery powered electric bikes are pedal assisted so they are still a good form of exercise.

When I was in Interlaken, Switzerland, I rented a bike and rode along Lake Brienz. The picture shows the beautiful turquoise water and lush vegetation. The riding path took me through a small patch of farmland where roosters were moving about (no rooster crossing sign was posted) and cows were in the pasture. This pleasure ride took me through areas inaccessible by car.

When I am in Minnesota or Florida, I love riding my bike for pleasure and to networking events. Minneapolis, MN has wonderful trails within the city and its surrounding areas. In Fort Myers, Florida they are working to expand their safe cycling paths.

Wherever you live, I encourage you to explore your biking options. Who knows, there may be paths where you can pedal with the roosters.

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