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 Move With Your Mind: Mantras Matter

To live in harmony with life, you need to be aware of your mind, your body and your being. You are an amazing person who has unlimited potential. If you have tried to change a behavior unsuccessfully, I invite you to examine what lies behind your actions. When you do, you will become more confident and happier. You will no longer feel out of control. You will be free to exercise your personal power in healthier ways.

If you watch sports on television, you rely on the commentator's interpretation of the events. You listen and trust what is being said. Unfortunately, many of us are listening to our mind's commentary and believing it to be true. In fact, when we are unaware of our moment to moment thoughts, our past perceptions take over and distort our current reality. When this happens, our physical, mental, and emotional health becomes infected. We suffer unnecessarily. We are constricted and struggle painfully trying to reach our goals and our dreams.

Science shows that we have 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day. Perhaps more! In our Western culture, this chatter is referred to as our self-talk. In Eastern cultures, Monkey Mind depicts this phenomenon. They both refer to the voice in our heads.

Since birth, your life experiences have been stored in your mind and your body. Some are within your conscious awareness; others are in your subconscious and not readily available. However, they still exist. And they probably dominate your life much more than you realize. Think of your computer. It has been coded to give you results based on a series of actions you take using your mouse and keyboard. If the outcome is different than expected, you know that you are the one that needs to learn how the system works.

Similarly, you may be responding to your current situations based on your previous negative experiences. If you aren't achieving your desired results, it's probably because your internal information needs to be understood. So how do you go about gaining this self-knowledge? You take time to learn.

My first corporate job was as a computer software trainer. Teaching the Microsoft Word basics (creating a new document, deleting and formatting text) saved time and reduced frustrations. Once they knew how the application worked, they could use it to enhance their life. The same is true when you become aware of your own internal programming.

Meditative Movements™ is a great way to uncover your hidden programming. This innovative technique combines physical exercise movements with affirmation mantras. Affirmation mantras are simple statements you repeat like "I Can" and "I Am Capable." As you practice a movement and say the corresponding affirmation, you pay attention to how your body and your mind respond.

For example, when I practice the "I Am Lovable Meditative Movement™," I notice how my body feels. Then I listen for any mind resistance. Sometimes my thoughts are strong, and I hear all the reasons that I am not lovable. It can become critical and nasty. This valuable information gives me insights into my subconscious (my stored memories).

Michael Singer, author of the Untethered Soul, states: "There's a buildup of energy inside that needs to be released. When there's a buildup of nervous, fearful or desire-based energies inside, the voice becomes extremely active."

By practicing Meditative Movements™, you begin to see what suppressed energy needs to be released. Your job is to allow the energy to move through your mind and your body, without attachment to the thoughts and emotions. You can perform a releasing Meditative Movements™ to get you through this experience.

The You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay book introduced me to affirmations. The 12 Step program also recommends the use of mantras. My favorite 12 Step mantra is, "Just for today, I will be unafraid. I will be unafraid to enjoy what is beautiful."

According to The Wall Street Journal, when you repeat a positive phrase or mantra, new pathways between neurons in your brain are created. This conditioning helps you feel calmer and healthier. Research also shows that thinking of a word or phrase that affirms your values–and repeating it over and over–produces powerful physiological changes. It can lower your cortisol levels, enhance endurance, and reduce perception of effort during physical exertion.

The Meditative Movement™ technique was created as a way to release the negative trapped energy. Once removed, it can be replaced with positive energy that is supportive and nurturing. Your mind and body are then able to experience current reality as it is. You are freed from your past conditioning. You have the energy to achieve your goals.

 Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Enjoy Your Life

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