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 Mari Harris Said "YES"

Mari Harris

When Mari Harris was asked to present at an event, she said "yes" even though it had been a while since she had practiced a Meditative Movement™. Mari, Goddess Mom, and I met through Project Diva International. She is an award-winning Singer⁄Songwriter, Actress, Speaker, and a Lover of Life with a powerful commitment to provide entertainment, fun, empowerment, healing, and Love through the Arts.

Her rewards for going outside her comfort zone came in many magical moments: She

1. Felt Blessed and knew she was Blessing others.
2. Recognized that this was a Sacred opportunity and felt honored to be sharing her gifts and talents.
3. Saw some old friends and made new ones. She–along with the other attendees–created a video with her friend Melvin Giles, who she hadn't seen in 30 years. Mari met Melvin when she worked in the environmental industry. Together they sang "Happy Birthday" to his nieces. Mari received sweet goodies from a new friend.
4. Connected with individuals who were honoring the Earth, Nature, and the environment. She is very familiar with this industry because she previously worked in it.
5. Expanded her own business as a Singer and Songwriter. She got to hear a man–Metric Giles, Melvin's brother and also a civic leader–say that he has been following her career for many years and loves her work.
6. Confirmed that even when she got there later than anticipated, everything worked perfectly. She could be in the present moment, accept the situation gracefully with no self–judgment, and kept her apology in check. She showed up fully.
6. Stayed calm and patient when the Presenter scheduled to speak before her went over into Mari's time slot.
7. Since this was in an outside garden setting, she increased the number of outdoor venues at which she has performed.
Mari Harris Singing

Here's the process she followed for those of you interested in saying YES to new opportunities. She

1. Assessed the request
2. Confirmed with event coordinator details
3. Reviewed training materials. When she couldn't find her training page, she reached out to me. This was fantastic because we brainstormed together how she could incorporate her singing into the presentation. Since the majority of Mari's time and energy is focused on being a Masterful Singer/Songwriter, she wanted to sing at the event. We talked about the benefits of giving her natural gifts with the movements. It added to her level of confidence. She could surpass the great level of service and wrap her natural talents into her offering thereby expanding and enhancing everyone's Life!
4. Practiced the movements and continued seeking out clarifications when needed.
Knew that Ellie appreciated teachers honoring the integrity of the technique and yet she is aware that when on stage with little experience, things may happen differently than expected. Together we can laugh and learn.
5. Trusted herself that she was ready and let Spirit take over when she performed.
Gave thanks for the opportunity!

Her belief: "We can find Love, happiness, and joy wherever we look. We need to say 'YES!'". Mari has so much to offer. Ellie took singing lessons from her and appreciated her style and energy. Feel free to connect with Mari, so you can experience her awesomeness firsthand.

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