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 A Limited Life Edition: Joys of Eating Chocolate

Limited Edition: Enjoy Your Life

Yes I admit I am an adamant dark chocolate lover. My husband is a milk chocolaty one. That's why the Christmas limited edition of the Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Collection is heaven sent. Luscious squares of peppermint in dark chocolate for me and an equal amount of milk chocolate for him. Each piece individually wrapped in its own special silvery smooth packaging. No mistake about what's inside. No need to hoard or overindulge to ensure I get my fair share. Is that because there are only the two of us, not like growing up with my eight other family members?

Everything about the experience is inviting. The shiny colorful bag is perfect. Feeling the slenderness of the individual bar in my hand, assures my mind of its sleekness. Combining the eagerness of youth with adult reverence, I unbind the paper. Freed from their temporary confines, the coca and mint impart their scent which swiftly wafts up to my awaiting nose.

In delightful anticipation, I close my eyes as the bar reaches my lips. Pure ecstasy! As the chocolate melts, my tongue searches for another morsel of joy. Taking one more bite, the pleasure lingers and then is gone. Do I dare have another?

Could this be a simple yes or no answer? Not for me. Instead of considering the number of calories or the need to eat them all before they expire, my judging mind diligently enlightens me.

  1. It concludes that I have committed a sin. Not sure where buying Christmas things before Thanksgiving fits into the traditional 10 commandments. Let's see. Perhaps it could be the second because I'm treating the candies as godly. Is there a recently added appendix that includes holiday etiquette rules?
  2. Guilt over having been weak, seeking pleasure and acquiescing to the lure of a limited edition.
  3. If I was to confess in my growing-up Catholic tradition, I'm not sure how I would count my transgression. Would it be one time for buying the seven bags, seven times for purchasing seven bags or would it be the eating of each square in each of the seven bags? Although I need to remind myself that I am only eating the dark chocolate. My husband, bless his soul, is eating the milk chocolate ones. Makes me think of Eve enticing Adam with the apple. Probably have to consider this in my litany of sinning. Sorry for digressing. Back to the counting. I am not sure why knowing the number of times one sinned was so critical. Did that show the priest that you had mastered the sin and would most likely have it on your list the next time? Maybe they are used in the penance calculation for the number of Hail Mary's to be given.

I've noticed that a limited edition garners more respect and value. It's because at some time it will no longer be available. Funny how I forget that about myself! As a limited life edition, I now give my awesome self the treat of more love. Since the present moment is my only guarantee, yes to enjoying my precious dark chocolate peppermint squares. No guilt, no rules, no wonder.

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