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 Letting Go of Song Lyrics


What do you do when the words from a song replay in your brain?

This month's theme is letting go. This morning I awoke with the words from the song, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, written by Neil Young. Taking a few moments to reflect, I thought this thought (ha,ha,ha) "These words and their meaning do not support my desire to have a healthy mind and body. Isn't it that only love heals your heart? Isn't it the anger, hate and resentments that cause our heart problems?"

When I first started teaching aerobic classes in 1980, I only used music that was uplifting. It surprised me the number of people who are not aware of a song's lyrics. When I hear music, I stop what I am doing and listen. When we are physically working out, we are putting stress on our body. If you listen and internalize the messages from a song like Only Love Can Break Your Heart, you are filling your self with that negativity whether you are consciously letting it in or not. Why would you want to put those thoughts into your being?

Yes the words are out of context. Does this make a difference? Not to my brain. Only Love Can Break Your Heart is the only verse that started playing, and replaying, and replaying, and replaying. To disrupt this kind of habitual thinking, you can practice the I Let Go Meditative Movement™. This movement is approximately 2-4 minutes long and gives you a tangible way to release what no longer serves you.

We consider your own voice to be the music your ears want to hear. How heartwarming it is to exercise your personal power in a new way. You take control and only let positive messages reside in your mind and body. As you become more aware of your mental chatter, you can decide if a thought is helpful and if not reframe it. When you do, any corresponding emotions that are hurting you, can also be released.

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