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 What Outside Things Causes You to Laugh?

For me, I love hearing other people laugh. At the very least, it makes me smile. At its' best, I may chuckle or start to laugh myself. It feels so good. That is why I purchased Giggles, my laughing dog. Whenever I want to laugh with someone else, I can flip the "on" button and she will start laughing. What a gift! If you need to be reminded of the benefits of laughter, read my Are You Laughing 300 Times a Day? blog.

Back to the question. What will get you laughing? For some people, it is a joke. Others watch a television program. Others may make an off-handed remark to deescalate a situation. For example, my co-worker was curled up in bed upset and crying hysterically. She had gotten into a disagreement with her mom. In a sarcastic tone, her friend said, "Wow, you look awfully beautiful today." My co-worker broke out in uncontrollable laughter. Her sorrow tears became laughter tears. That is potent! Why was it that she was no longer upset?

According to The Conversation, "A growing number of therapists advocate using humor and laughter to help clients build trust and improve work environments; a review of five different studies found that measures of well-being did increase after laughter interventions."

The I Laugh Meditative Movement™ can release stress by strengthening your laughter muscles and training positivity. You can learn how to laugh without outside stimuli. This means you can get yourself in a happy, cheerful mood all by yourself whenever you want to change your state of being. We have this kind of power, and it is a good idea to exercise it wisely.

Completing this movement for two to three minutes, two to three times a day will help you experience the health benefits of laughter which include immunity improvement, pain relief, as well as personal satisfaction. Let's get laughing because we can and it feels good!

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