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Kudos to Natalie Lu

Kudos to Natalie for completing the Meditative Movements™ facilitator training in December 2020 even with the additional stresses of COVID and her full-time nursing job. To date, she conservatively estimates that she has over 200 hours practicing personally and teaching professionally. We met when a mutual friend introduced us in 2016. Since then, Natalie has been a champion supporter coordinating a mini-retreat and participating in Leanne Meier's interview on the Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse podcast.

For her current personal practice, she likes to start her day with the I Am Supported Meditative Movement™ before even getting out of bed. If that doesn't fit her schedule, you might find her practicing a movement or two as she stands at the kitchen sink waiting for her coffee to brew. Carpooling her eleven-year-old daughter and other young people after school, she shares the I Relax Meditative Movement™ as a way for everyone to unwind. Driving to soccer games and sensing their nerves are at a heightened level, she may choose the I Release Worry, I Let Go, or I Release Resistance Meditative Movement™, and to refill them together they do the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™.

Recently while she was on vacation, she had the luxury of practicing more and shared videos with her social media community about her practice. We have displayed one here for you to see.

Professionally, she shares Meditative Movements at in person safety huddles to nurses, nursing assistants, health unit coordinators, and physicians. Often, she is invited to bring one to three Meditative Movements to various meeting forums and staff education days. She may have a dedicated 15-30 minute time slot to share the movements consecutively or might use three movements over the course of a 1-8 hour class. The movements give her another way to engage participants so they can feel freer to share and provide a new way for self-care.

Her favorite professional application is as a peer supporter. Healthcare workers' hearts are dedicated to supporting the healing of patients. Hence when unexpected events (death of a patient) and other stressful times occur, Natalie can provide support to colleagues who need to process this energy with mindful attention.

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