Meditative Movements (TM): Mind Body Exercise Program

 Is Your Energy Moving?

Is Your Energy Moving with lightening behind

My heart goes out to all of us. We are in life together. If you feel helpless right now, what can you give to make heaven on earth? I am sharing Connie Hertz's M.O.V.E. philosophy to remind us to take responsibility for our life experience.

M-Move your physical body.
O-Open to receive your lessons or messages.
V-Verbalize what you are thinking and feeling with someone you trust.
E-Expand yourself inter-personally and spiritually.

Move your physical body. Enjoy whatever movement you choose. Walking outside, dancing, yoga, weight training, and of course Meditative Movements™ are great options. Join us for our FREE Saturday Summer Meditative Movement classes on Zoom.

Open to receive your lessons or messages. When you take ownership with what you are thinking and feeling you can exercise your personal power in a new way.

No need to blame yourself or anyone else for anything. If you are like Ellie, this can be difficult. She grew up learning how to criticize others and herself.

Picture of Connie Hertz

Verbalize what you are thinking and feeling with someone you trust. Energy is meant to flow and holding it inside often makes you feel worse. Meditative Movements allows you to acknowledge your experience by stating the core value affirmations. Do you trust yourself enough to hear your past conditioned mind?

Expand yourself inter-personally and spiritually. Pray, meditate, write in a gratitude journal, read inspiring things.

To watch a video of Connie's M.O.V.E. program.

To listen to a Divine Goddess radio podcast sharing Connie's M.O.V.E. program.

When you come to know yourself better through these activities, you realize you are an awesome human being and you can let go of the victim and aggressor stances and be assertive.

May we be the change we want to see in the world.

 Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Enjoy Your Life

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