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 Importance of Being Mindful in the Workplace

Mindfulness in Workplace

The Time magazine Mindful Revolution article provides insights into the importance of being mindful. Researchers have found that multitasking leads to lower overall productivity. Workers who constantly and rapidly switch between tasks have less ability to filter out irrelevant information and they simply make more mistakes.

Acting mindlessly, we treat ourselves and others more like human doers than human beings. Mindless interactions zap an individual's creativity, motivation, and focus which are required for healthy productive workplaces. Trust is easily lost. When we act mindlessly, we neglect to see possibilities, we avoid new ideas, and we aren't able to manage our own thoughts and emotions.

Being mindful is really about living in the present moment. Our powerful minds are able to replay any past event as well as catapult fearful images of our future. When our mind is allowed to entertain these past or future thoughts, we miss out on what is happening in the now and we experience unwarranted stress. Prolonged stress leads to disease, contentious relationships and unhealthy habits. Life becomes a constant struggle and everyone suffers.

Meditative Movements™ is an easy way to be more mindful at work. This easy to follow program enables you to be in touch with your body and mind messages. We all need a way to take a break from the daily routine of meetings and work efforts so that we can feel energized. Sometimes you may find yourself in difficult situations like dealing with disrespectful fellow employees, unreasonable customers or a relentless supervisor. By using this program, you can enhance your confidence, creativity and success so that you feel empowered to be the professional person you want to be.

Here's a perfect example. Sally's director sends out an email requesting a policy change. Her co-workers perceive the email intent differently. As they passionately communicate their own interpretation, confusion and chaos abound. During the course of the day, they discover the disconnect and tension builds.

Because Sally has been trained in this technique, she is aware of her own anger and frustration. Acknowledging her true feelings is the first step. The second step is to perform the anger releasing movement until it dissipates. By listening to her body, she is able to let go of the unwanted stress. By exercising her personal power, she now approaches the situation with a calm understanding and clarity. Her healthy emotional state allows her to see new possibilities that were previously hidden. Sally moves forward with ease and her interactions are helpful.

This simple technique can also be used when you are in need of extra positive energy. When you take the time to move your body while affirming your mind, your mind becomes calm and your body feels happier and healthy naturally. Feeling in control of yourself, you have more energy and enthusiasm in your daily interactions.

Change takes time and Meditative Movement™ at a time. To some it may seem 'to be too far out there' to be effective. In the computer field, there is the garbage in – garbage out adage. Well, this applies to humans as well. Computers will unquestioningly process input. Our minds and bodies are similar. You can input the positive affirmations into your mind and over time your actions will match your thoughts. Because your body enjoys the movement, you feel healthy and happy naturally.

We offer onsite workshops and online courses which give your employees the tools they need to integrate this technique into their workday routine.

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