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 HUSH: A documentary on Black Mental Health

Originally Published September 2022 Community Press FL.

Black Woman and Men

Produced and directed by Antwon Lindsey, HUSH is a documentary about the origins of generational trauma and access to mental health resources within Black communities. As the founder of A38 Films, Antwon is devoted to changing lives through storytelling.

Join Antwon and the cast at the upcoming Fort Myer's, FL premiere screening on September 17, 2022, from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Alliance of Arts. Every one of every race, ethnic background, and age is encouraged and invited to attend the Fort Myers premiere. Tickets for the event are $35 and can be found at

"This documentary is transformational and needs to be experienced in person," said Antwon. One attendee shared, "This film has completely changed how I want to do my job as a therapist" after watching HUSH at a private test screening event.

Antwon created the film HUSH because of his individual life experiences and wanted to find answers to questions he had concerning his own suffering. Anxiety, depression, self-doubt, and even suicide ideation were things he's had to overcome. Suffering in silence, his struggle with maintaining positive mental health began to manifest physically in his body as leg trembles, loss of appetite, and body aches. After visiting his primary doctor several times, believing he was suffering from some physical ailment, they could not diagnose his physical symptoms. Which led him on the journey of trying to understand how and why he could feel ill but not be diagnosed with any physical illness.

This quest for understanding guided him to writing his first novel and now producing and directing his very first feature film. HUSH is a documentary exploring how individuals within the Black community have dealt with mental health. HUSH discusses how Black Americans survived and coped with the horrors of American chattel slavery, oppressive Jim Crow policies post-emancipation proclamation, and how the compounding trauma of those events has affected generations of Black Americans. The film also discusses how the lack of access to mental health resources generationally continues to impact Black communities and what we can do as a society to assist with the transformation of Black Americans that continue to suffer deeply.

Antwon came to see that to assist with transforming the suffering of others and to help them become limitless truly, he first needed to begin with himself. Then, as he learned through the practice of Buddhism the importance of nurturing positive perceptions of the world, he saw how compassion and love within could transform the world around him. He wants you to have this same opportunity, a life filled with peace, love, and joy, hence why he' s sharing his gifts with the world.

By watching HUSH, he wants viewers to see the humanity of Black Americans and understand that liberation of suffering within Black communities contributes to the liberation of our collective suffering as humankind. If you have hidden, unanswered questions buried deep inside: this is your opportunity to know that you are not alone. You can learn more and support his work in other ways by visiting: and contributing to their gofundme and encourage others to do so as well:

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