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 Self-care GIFTS

The gift of life surrounds us. It moves in, as and through us. When we are consciously thankful of this miracle, we enjoy being alive. Each day we give of ourselves. In turn, we receive gifts from others and the world. A simple encounter like talking on the phone with a friend can bring you joy. You give of yourself by sharing and listening. In return, you receive a heart-felt connection.

This is a reminder to give yourself one of these self-care GIFTS today.

Grace as a common term refers to moving in a pleasing and smooth way. As you move throughout your day, find activities that bring you joy. Perhaps after you eat your meals, you could take a brief walk which aids in your body's digestion.

Inner intelligence guides you when you take the time to listen. Our physical bodies and our minds are amazing. For optimal health, we need to pay attention to their subtle messages. Spending time in silence is a great way to get in touch with your own inner intelligence. You can explore various meditation practices.

Fellowship gives you a connection to others. Is now the time to join a new group or learn a new skill that will expand your people circles?

Trust in life. Life wants you to be here. You have a purpose. You are exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment. Trust that. Practicing the Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Meditative Movement™ several times a day sends a powerful signal to your life force. As you give gratitude, you receive love.

Surrender in this context means we give up resisting life. Paying attention to the language we use is a good way to gauge our own resistance. If you find yourself thinking or saying, "life shouldn't be this way" or any other message that negates what is, you are resisting. As you become more aware of your body and thoughts, you can release harmful energies and replace with nurturing ones.

Now is the time to exercise your personal power in a new way.

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