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 Creating Healthy Habits

Breakfast and Coffee

Unhealthy habits drain our energy, may make it hard for your body's immune system to fight off physical illness and often causes us to act in ways that deprive us of our natural joy. A habit is something that is hard to give up. Is now the right time to replace an unhealthy habit with a more nurturing one?

As a child, I experienced headaches that followed me into adulthood. The Mayo clinic states that tension headaches are the most common type of headache. It often feels like a tight band is around your head. They say managing a tension headache is often a balance between fostering healthy habits, finding effective nondrug treatments and using medications appropriately.

When I started examining the possible causes of my headaches, I found my smoking was contributing to my physical symptoms. Digging deeper into my emotional why, I found I was covering up my feelings of inadequacy, fear, perceived helplessness and self-pity. Whenever we use activities to distract us from feeling our emotions, we are aggravating the original distress. Feelings are meant to felt and then flow through our bodies.

Now, when I experience fatigue, headache, anxiety, agitation and irritations, I listen to what my body is telling me. Instead of trying to cover these up with some outside stimulant or depressant, my mind can recognize these imbalances. This is the first step in seeking to correct my distress. The mind and body work together. Taking time to be with myself in this way can inform my actions. I heal naturally.

 Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Enjoy Your Life

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