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 Competitive Thinking When Exercising

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According to Robert K. Cooper in his book, The Other 90%, we are to "abandon competitive thinking during exercise. Performance improves when you take pressure off of yourself." He states that even thinking competitive thoughts can interfere with best performance and increase the release of negative stress hormones. In studies on athletes, competitive words caused more than double the levels of stress hormones such as norepinephrine.

When I was running 26.2 mile marathons, I consciously examined how I was going to view my fellow runners. Were my thoughts going to be competitive? Was my success to be determined if I beat others? My decision was to view my fellow runners as helping me to achieve my goal which was to finish the race.

This meant if someone passed me, I wanted them to do well. Sometimes I was motivated to mimic their pace. Other times, I was aware of my competitive thoughts telling me I wasn't doing enough. In those cases, I chose to affirm that my pace was perfect because I was enjoying the race and honoring my body. Often I would remind myself that I was not competing with that person.

When you understand that your world reflects your thinking and feelings, you want the best for everyone. If you play competitive sports, may your higher self see the interactions as ways to find greater potential and possibilities. If you are exercising for your health, may you align your body and your mind with your higher self. By empowering your energy in this way, you are healthier, happier and feel whole.

 Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Enjoy Your Life

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