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 Candle in Your Heart: Faithful Sense Candles

Shavon Danea

There is a candle in your heart,
Ready to be kindled.
There is a void in your soul,
Ready to be filled.
You feel it, don't you? (Rumi)

Candles have been a source of light and part of celebrations for over 5,000 years. Nowadays candles are decorative and considered a luxury item. Some candles have medicinal properties because of their ingredients. How do you use candles today?

As a quiet kid, Shavon Danea struggled with self-identification. Her voice was often suppressed. To connect with her voice and gain emotional support, she liked to read, create stories, draw symbols as well as utilize scents & fragrances. As part of her self-exploration, she started buying different kinds of candles. She enjoyed the way the flame flickered and moved yet struggled to smell them.

She thought she was wasting her money. After 3 years of research, she made her own clean, therapeutic candles consisting of natural soybean wax as the main ingredient. When lit, there is no black soot as the vapors do not release harmful chemicals. Rather, it is refreshing. She learned how to heat the wax and understand burn temperatures.

Yet the most important aspects are the loving intentions that she infuses into each candle. Using her own healing energies to get through situations such as a breakup, she began learning how to love herself in a new way. She consciously redefined her roles as a woman, a mom, daughter, friend, and a human living on this Earth in purpose. She accepted herself as a spiritual being. As she produces each creation, this vibrational energetic healing is intertwined within the candle's physical components & frequency. It illuminates the candle' s aura & beauty.

To her delight, she continues to fall in love with her creations & divine creativity.

For example, her custom self-love candle can transport her into a lush rose garden. Then using rainwater ingredients for another candle, she could embrace the essence of the water 's freshness and feel herself purified out in nature. The candle scents were being linked to how she felt. They often brought her to a more uplifting space and would put a smile on her face. She also created unique affirmations for the candles.

After gifting candles to family and friends, in a dream she was told to start Faithful Sense LLC. As a business owner, she makes unique, aromatherapy fragrance candles derived from plants and roots of the earth. Some ingredients include Pink Himalayan salt which is used for purification, cleansing, mental clarity, and focus. A specialty ingredient could be dried orchids which enhances spirituality and your psyche.

Adding herbs and crystals are another unique part of her candles. These are the Earth's natural gems and can help us find balance and alignment in our own body.

After the candle is made, she caringly wraps each like it is a Christmas present. It brings her much gratitude and joy to add the confetti, tissue paper, with her company's sticker, logo, and meditation/affirmation cards. Expanding her experience, wisdom, and skills, Shavon is a Certified Meditation and Spiritual Coach. She has created a candle making program called "Create with Intention". Her life is rich as she remains grateful to those who have enjoyed her candles. Check out her candles at Faithful Sense LLC.

May you feel the light in your heart be ignited this holiday season.

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