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 Breathing Techniques

Person in meditation position One of the joys in being a part of the healer community is trying other mindfulness practices. Before I share my favorite breathing techniques, I will give you a brief scientific explanation of how your body works.

The diaphragm is a domed sheet of skeletal muscle that separates your thoracic (chest) and abdominal cavities. As you inhale your diaphragm contracts, causing its dome shape to flatten. The volume of your thoracic cavity expands as the diaphragm contracts and flattens. This expansion causes an increase in negative intrathoracic pressure that draws air into the lungs. When the diaphragm relaxes, the intrathoracic pressure normalizes, and air exits your lungs.

Based on that, I tell people that for deep breathing to be realized their abdomen expands with the intake of air and contracts with the release of air. Think of how a newborn baby breathes. Trusting, vulnerable and complete.

For those of you who want a spiritual feel: Prana is the life force or energy that exists everywhere and is manifested in each of us through our breath. Every cell in your body is controlled by prana.

 Wim Hoff

In his 11 minute video, he guides you through the 3 cycles of intense breathing. A round consists of inhaling and exhaling 30 times then holding the breath. It fascinates me how my body responds. I am amazed at the level of energy I feel and the tingling sensations. They are different each time I do the practice. Before giving the breathing exercises a try, he recommends you watch a Safety Video first.

 Mari Harris, Voice Coach

Mari Harris gave me breathing exercises to improve my voice. It was fascinating to notice how my singing changed after warming up. And I use the exercises before my speaking engagements. You can contact Mari at 612-978-2286 if you want to learn more. Here is one of her exercises.

  1. Take in a conversational breath.
  2. Hold it for up to 15 seconds.
  3. Let it out slowly, with a slow steady "hiss" directed to the ceiling.

 Alternate Nostril Breathing

This technique I learned at a meditation retreat.

  1. Press right nostril shut with right thumb. Inhale.
  2. Release thumb as your pinkie closes off the left nostril. Exhale.
  3. Maintain hand position and inhale. Continue alternating closing the nostrils with your breathing.

Just like the name of this breathing technique, I alternate this 5 minute practice every other morning.

 I Breathe Meditative Movement™

Lastly the I Breathe Meditative Movement™ is our October featured meditation movement. It is intended to be practiced laying down. The benefit is that you can feel the air coming into your body in a new way as you feel the support of Mother Earth.

I first shared the movement after George Floyd' death. Read the corresponding blog: Breath . . .our gift of life

Breathing techniques connect the body, mind and your spiritual being. May you find one you can integrate into your self-care routine.

Let me know if you have favorite breathing practices as I love experiencing new ones.

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