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 3 Positive Ways to Release Presidential Election Stress

Is the Presidential Election giving you stress? If you answered yes, let's explore why and more importantly what you can do about it.

In God We Trust

Stress is often categorized as positive and negative. Positive stress allows you to become a better version of yourself whereas negative stress removes or depletes your ability to effectively live your life.

Positive stress examples: You are excited about your upcoming vacation adventure yet planning it adds more tasks to your to-do list. You get promoted at work and your new responsibilities mean a change in your behavior and daily activities. Both desired situations may overwhelm and stress you out.

Negative stress happens when you discount your own self-care needs. If you become too busy to exercise or sleep properly, you will get into a negative cycle. When you try to control things that are not controllable (like the election), you will feel imbalanced.

How can the election be a positive stressor? First, you would need to see it as a personal growth opportunity. It can stretch you beyond your current belief limits. You can learn how to be happier in any situation. Here are 3 mindsets to consider.

  1. Release stress from your body and mind as quickly as possible. This means you need to be aware of your thoughts and the sensations in your body. When you have a buildup of stress, you will make poor choices and be less productive. Studies show that 75-90% of doctor visits are stress related. So addressing your stressors in healthy ways is the first step. Research has shown that exercise is a natural way to effectively manage stress. Meditative Movements offers simple movements you can perform easily throughout your day to keep you stress free. The I Release Frustration Meditative Movement can be seen on YouTube and used whenever you need to let off some steam.
  2. Think and speak positively. Believe that everyone is doing the best they can. If you find yourself thinking and talking negatively about the election, stop. While your behavior may seem justified and rational, it is actually adding to the negativity pool. Notice how your body and mind respond when you speak negatively. In reality, you are hurting yourself first then like secondhand smoke harming whomever is listening to you. Being positive means you are able to detach emotionally from the situation. Yes, stay informed. Then decide if there is something helpful you can do. If not, no need to rehash and allow fear to take hold. You are responsible for your own response to life events and people. Treat yourself and others with kindness.
  3. Repeat a mantra or affirmation. Sometimes we need to redirect our minds as a way to get out of a destructive thought pattern. Repeating a positive affirmation or mantra can help. Science postulates that we have 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. In order to make different choices today, we need to understand the power of our past conditioning. Harmful thoughts that go unchallenged tear you down. Being aware of your own self-talk and your spoken words starts the empowerment process. My election mantra and one you could adopt is "I Trust." It fits well with the United States official motto of "In God We Trust." Everytime you see a coin or dollar bill which has those words inscribed on them, you repeat your mantra. It is like putting money into your mental bank account. When you choose words that are supportive, you start a positive reaction in yourself and others.

Perhaps the gift you get from this election is taking time to update your stress coping skills. When you do, you will win in every area of your life because you will be healthier, happier and feel whole. You are worth it.

 Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Enjoy Your Life

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