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 3 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Mental Health

Mental Health America offers ten proven tools for maintaining your mental health. Meditative Movements, a new exercise technique, incorporates three of them. Stay positive, get physically active and take care of your spirit. Healthy living means you are able to cope with everyday stressors and hassles with a calm confidence. By practicing this program, you can learn how to exercise your own personal power in a new way so you can be in control of your own health and well-being.

10 Tools for Mental Health

1. Stay positive by changing any unhealthy self-talk. My life started changing when I became aware of the impact that my thoughts were having on my current life situation. Over time, I came to understand that my repeated, destructive self-talk was causing an overall unhealthy state of being in me. Because I internally repeated, accepted, and identified with toxic thoughts like "I am useless, I am not good enough, and I am a failure", I was essentially destroying myself.

That is why each Meditative Movement uses a positive affirmation as a way to easily change any unhealthy self-talk. The affirmations begin with the word "I" so that you take ownership of the thoughts you think. Based on what you need for that day, a centering or energizing affirmation follows. As a twenty-three-year-old divorced mother of three small children, the "I Can Meditative Movement" helped me get through the day. It was a simple way for me to redirect my negative, harmful thinking.

To be mentally healthy you need to feel all of your emotions including anger, fear and frustration. There are releasing Meditative Movements to give you the inner space to process them. For example, the "I Release Frustration Meditative Movement" allows you to release that energy in a positive way. Visit our page that will eventually be housing all the movement videos. I invite you to give it a try.

2. Get physically active is easy because Meditative Movements can be performed during your normal daily routines or you can practice during a dedicated workout time. Yes there are Office Meditative Movements that you can do in your work area, on your lunch break, and even in between meetings. Physical exercise improves your mood naturally. Your body inherently wants to move. It feels good to exercise, especially when you focus on your own physical needs. To be in optimal health, you need to include cardio, flexibility, balance, and strengthening movements. When you combine the spoken affirmations with the physical exercises, you relieve negativity while building up your own inner emotional and mental wealth. In this way, your body becomes free from stress and your happiness level increases. Your mind and body become more at ease.

3. Take care of your spirit occurs as a normal result of practicing. I define your spirit as the energy that gives you life. At birth, the breath enters a new born baby. This technique connects with that life-giving miracle. After ensuring that your physical movements are safe, you focus your attention on your breath. You inhale and exhale. Once your breathing rhythm has been established, you replace the exhalation with the spoken core value affirmations.

Your spiritual being becomes free. This is the part of you that knows why you are here on this earth. To experience this oneness of your body, mind and being goes beyond words. You are in total alignment with life's perfection. You feel a deep inner peace and calm that brings physical, mental and spiritual health.

After being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Nicole found herself on prescription medications that caused weight gain. "Since integrating Ellie's workout DVD and changing my diet, I have lost a total of 20 pounds (and counting) in a relatively short period of time," says Nicole. "Best of all this technique helps to regulate my mood."

Good mental health is possible when you take time to care for yourself. Now is an opportune time to assess how you are staying mentally and emotionally healthy. If you need support in staying positive, being physically active or caring for your spirit, Meditative Movements is a great option. It can give you more enjoyment in your life now so you can look forward to a brighter future.

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