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Our Why

Since 2002 our mission has been to give little people, youth, adults, and elders Meditative Movements™ so they can be healthier, happier, and feel whole.

Our human experience can be fraught with trauma, addictions, and unhealthy habits. This mindfulness practice honors your mind, your body and your energy force in a new way. It integrates western science with modern day philosophies and ancient wisdom.

Do you want to experience more magic in your daily life? If yes, you are invited to try a free movement or two and see how you feel. The results of practicing are better mental and emotional health, feeling more peaceful, confident, loving, and connected to your self and others.

As a recognized, evidence–based holistic healing leader, we provide tailored uplifting movements for everyone. As a trusted, credible, with no religious affiliation approach, we strive to advance equality and social justice for all. Join us in being the change you want to see in our world.

Why I Created Meditative Movements


Picture of Instructors

Evidence Based Practice



Chamuel, formally known as Ellie

Chamuel, Inspirer, formally known as Ellie created the Meditative Movement™ technique. When she was 23 years old, she was divorced and raising three small children under the age of 5 on her own while making $80 a week as Ellie from the deli. Her body was unhealthy; her mind was chaotic, and her spiritual being was weighed down with fear, self-pity, anger, and worthlessness. Life had become too painful and overwhelming.

At this low point, she desperately wanted to change. Her brother sent her You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay which introduced her to affirmations. After reading it, she fervently wanted to get rid of the guilt, shame and worries associated with her smoking.

To replace her smoking addiction, she began repeating statements like "I can" as she walked around the lake. Often tears were streaming down her face as she released past hurts from both her mind and body.

As she moved and affirmed herself, she felt empowered. Healing occurred naturally. This was the inspiration for the Meditative Movements technique.

Forty years later, the technique has expanded to include over 140 movements that can be done throughout a routine day. The easy to learn movements are adaptable to anyone's physical ability and are about 3-5 minutes long.

Chamuel wants the movements to be available and accessible to everyone.

  2017 University of Minnesota Research Study


Objective. This study explored the effects of Ellie's Meditative Movements™ on symptoms of persons with chronic health conditions.

Methods. This quasi-experimental study utilized a pretest, posttest, and follow-up design. Forty-nine participants with a chronic health condition were enrolled and 24 completed the intervention. Five teaching sessions in a group setting occurred over a seven week intervention phase and optional practice sessions occurred over a 5-week maintenance phase. Beck Anxiety Index, Beck Depression Inventory, Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Fatigue, Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General, and blood pressure monitor were utilized to measure symptoms. Goal Attainment Scaling was used to measure participants' goals.

Results. There were significant improvements in symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and emotional well-being from pretest to posttest, which were maintained from posttest to follow-up. Significant improvements occurred in functional well-being and quality of life from posttest to follow-up. There were no changes in blood pressure. Most participants reported improvements with their goals. The main limitations were the small sample size and high attrition rate.

Recommendations for Future Research. There is a need for a large randomized control trial that includes a comparison control group and a long-term follow-up.

When asked what was most beneficial, research participants responded.

More calm

Better sleep

Feel more positive about self

Less negative attitude

More confidence

Less tired, more energy

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