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  A Story of Brokenness to Wholeness

In this video, you will learn why I created the Meditative Movement technique. Here's a snippet of my story. When I was 23 years old, I was divorced and raising three small children on my own while making $80 a week as Ellie from the deli. My body was unhealthy; my mind was chaotic, and my spiritual being was weighed down with fear, self-pity, anger, and worthlessness. Life had become too painful and overwhelming.

At this low point, I desperately wanted to change. My brother sent me the You Can Heal Your Life book by Louise Hay which introduced me to affirmations. After reading it, I fervently wanted to get rid of the guilt, shame and worries associated with my smoking. So I began repeating statements like "I can" as I walked around the lake. Often tears were streaming down my face as I released past hurts from both my mind and body. As I moved while repeating core value affirmations, I felt empowered and healing occurred naturally. This was the inspiration for the Meditative Movements™ technique.

Meditative Movements™ combine physical exercises with the breath and spoken core value affirmations. The movements are adaptable to anyone's physical ability and are about 3-5 minutes long. This innovative mind-body movement program incorporates western science with modern day philosophies and ancient wisdom. Not only have I been healed, but others have also had awesome results.

A 2017 University of Minnesota research study found this program reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional wellbeing for persons with chronic health conditions. The Annals of International Occupational Therapy peer-reviewed journal findings is also available. Other benefits include:

More calmBetter sleepFeel more positive about self Less negative attitudeMore confidence Less tired, more energy

Ellie Peterson Riding husband lapMy recovery journey and personal practices have spanned more than 40 years. This technique has helped me quit smoking, maintain a healthy weight, live with cancer, appreciate my body, experience inner peace, and love being alive. Often you can see me riding on my husband Craig's lap when I am in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the summer and Fort Myers, Florida in the winter. My family and six grandchildren are awesome and I love learning and traveling. Life is indeed NOW rich.

One of my joys is experiencing other alternative healing modalities as well as reading the latest scientific breakthroughs in how trauma affects the mind and body. Being the author of the Meditative Movements™ Beginner's Journey eBook, the Power of Positive Aerobics streaming workout and Community Press health and wellness columnist is fun. My media appearances include the KARE11 and WCCO-CBS Minnesota television programs.

We give you our expressive, heart-felt movements freely so you can release your feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and fear and learn to cultivate inner joy and peace. Try one or two today and see what you experience. It would be my honor to show you how to awaken your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being with Meditative Movements.

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 Media Appearances

WCCO | CBS Interview with Natalie NyhusNatalie Nyhus, WCCO | CBS TV, interviewed Ellie in 2013 on a segment called Tap Into Positivity With Affirmation Workouts. The video is no longer displayed yet the text is there. It was so fun to have KaNesha be part of the video.

"Life has so many blessings, and that's what it's about – to know that life is for you. And to be able to get rid of the anger and blame. Getting in touch, being aware, tapping that personal power and using simple Meditative Movements every day to remind us."

KARE 11 Interview Roxanne Battle, KARE 11 Today Show, had Ellie on a segment called Self-Affirming Workout.

If you swear that talking to your plants keeps them healthy, how about talking to yourself when you exercise?

Ellie says affirmations are a proven way to create change in your life, and saying affirmations out loud makes your physical workout easier. Additionally, this workout balances the needs of your mind, body, and spirit.



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