Meditative Movements: Mind Body Exercise Program

About Meditative Movements™

In 2002, Ellie started the Power of Positive Workouts company so she could share this technique with others. It is our mission to provide you with easy to follow, simple movements so you can be healthier, happier, and feel whole. Our unique and distinctive programs teach you how to embrace life's highs and lows in healthy and satisfying ways. When you become imbalanced due to stress, your whole life inevitably suffers. Being able to create a holistic life that keeps you engaged and believing in yourself is our goal.

We provide you with a variety of innovative movement programs that fit your busy lifestyles and individual preferences.

Whatever your physical ability, age, life history, you can embrace this technique and embody your own truth. Through educational workshops, print, video resources, and train-the-trainer certificates, you can learn how to incorporate Meditative Movements™ into your daily life so you can feel good naturally.

About Ellie

WCCO | CBS Interview with Natalie NyhusEllie studied fitness and psychology at the University of St. Catherine where she graduated in 1992. She has taught thousands of people how to apply the Meditative Movement© technique so they can enjoy their lives more fully and be healed. Because her personal practice has spanned more than 35 years, she now shares her well-being insights with others.

Ellie is the master of creating personal changes. When she was 23 years old, she was divorced and raising 3 children on her own while making $80 a week. She smoked, weighed 100 pounds and thought she was fat. Her body was unhealthy; her mind was constantly focusing on what other people should change in their lives so she could be happier and her spiritual being was weighed down with fear, self-pity, anger, and worthlessness. Life was unbearable.

Now in her early 60's, she is living life beyond her wildest dreams. By developing and applying the Meditative Movement techniques, she has learned to harness her own personal power. She has quit smoking, maintains a healthy weight, appreciates her body, has inner peace, and loves being alive. She has remarried, enjoys relationships with her children and six grandchildren. Life is joyful, loving and abundant.

Are you living your wildest dreams? Let Ellie be your teacher and show you how.


I entered the class with a headache and feeling wiped out. I left feeling on a more even keel and no headache. Even after six hours it has not returned. Pathways Participant

The mantras with the movements imprint the messages into my muscles. Another highlight was when I kept making mistakes yet I didn't feel bad. It's nice to know and hear yourself saying nice things to yourself. Pathways Participant

Everybody! This is such a useful tool. Personally, it is very life-changing. Bekah, Life Coach

This approach is a natural tie in for me. I've been running and weight training for number of years. Since I started integrating the affirmations into my existing routine, I find that I'm more relaxed and focused. Tom, Avid Exerciser


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Affirm Yourself, Move Your Body, Enjoy Your Life

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