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Welcome to Our Free Meditative Movements™

I am so excited you are here to practice a Meditative Movement™ with me. We release one video a month so you can embody the affirmation messages. If you want to be notified when the featured movement is available and receive insightful ideas on how to be healthier, happier and feel whole, sign up for our monthy eNewsletter. Most movements are 3-5 minutes in length, can be completed during your routine day and are adaptable to anyone's physical ability. The beauty of practicing throughout the month is that this kinetic energy becomes part of your muscle memory. You truly embody the changes you affirm.

  • * We teach self-responsibility. If you have physical, mental, emotional, spiritual pain, make adjusts or stop the movement.
  • Consult a wellness professional if you need help. Learn more about a 2017 University of Minnesota research study that found this technique reduces anxiety, depression and fatigue while improving emotional and functional wellbeing.
  • We give you the movements for free. If you want to share with others, we ask that you take the Certificate Training.

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A special thank you to my grandsons Gino and Charlie for helping me create the videos.

* We teach self-responsibility. By practicing the movements, you agree to the following: I hereby release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless Ellie's Meditative Movements, LLC and any of its employees or agents representing or related to the organization. This release is for any and all liability for personal injuries and property losses or damage occasioned by, or in connection with any activity or accommodations for practicing Meditative Movements and for participating in any of our movement classes.

Happy Practicing!!!

September Recovery Meditative Movements™

May you experience more freedom from your addictions by practicing our Meditative Movements™. In honor of September Recovery Month, we are providing you with three Meditative Movements™ that coincide with the first three steps of the 12 Step Recovery Program.

 I Admit Meditative Movement™

Step 1: "We admitted we were powerless over alcohol that our lives had become unmanageable."

For me this step requires utmost honesty. Not only am I powerless over alcohol, I am powerless over people, world events, and just about everything else.

When I admit this, somewhere within me I feel hopeful.

Finishing this step with the acknowledgement that I am here to experience life, I open myself up to the other steps.

  I Believe Meditative Movement™

Step 2: "Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."

Sanity. I wonder did I ever have it?

Since I know that I can't make the sun come up, the flowers grow, the rain fall, I know there is a power greater than myself.

Because I was seeing others recover and hearing their stories, I became hopeful that my life could be happy and peaceful too.

 I Decide Meditative Movement™

Step 3: "Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him."

The God of my upbringing was petty, angry and eager to find fault with me. He didn't have the qualities that made me feel whole and loved, yet I didn't know where to turn.

My first task was to decide that my God was good and did not have a gender. With that I changed the word God to Being. The Being that makes the beautiful flowers grow, the insects, the water, was the life giving source that I entrusted with my life.

Read our blogs to learn more about recovery. Recovery from Lie of Whiteness, Channeling Your Addictive Energies: Enabling Possibilities, Recovery & Healing from Addiction with Meditative Movements™, September is Recovery Month, Five Friends Recovery During Pandemic.

 August : I Release Frustration Meditative Movement™

Feeling frustrated is a normal human emotions. Learn how to release your frustration energy in a healthy way.

Read our blogs to learn more about releasing frustration.

The Best Exercises for When You're Feeling Angry by Malia Frey. Published by Verywellfit.

People Working Out

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that everyone experiences at some time. Underlying emotions, such as sadness, fear, or guilt, may also be expressed as anger. During times of stress, we may experience anger more often than is typical.

Anger becomes problematic when it becomes unmanageable. Some people exercise to manage their emotions and frustrations.

Read the full article now at:

Enough Hands: Simple Self-care Exercise For Busy Moms & Dads

Feeling agitated, angry, and frustrated are normal human emotions. Healthy individuals feel difficult emotions when they occur. Their body and mind awareness then enables them to consciously choose how to respond to life's events instead of reacting and more importantly overreacting.

Meet Judy, a young woman who derives her sense of self by being a super powered mom. As she frantically gets dinner ready, the green kitchen walls seem to close in on her. Katie is whining and pulling Cassandra's hair while the newborn infant cries and wants to be held. Looking at her own hands, she wonders how many she needs to properly take care of everyone else. Easy answer. More hands than she's got.

Frustrating False Beliefs

"Illnesses are not our fault! Thinking that they are can be frustrating to anyone who' s sick. But I am saying that our biology responds to our awareness; our children, animals and surroundings do, too." Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani

False BeliefsAs Anita' s quote states, we need to release the frustrating false belief that we caused our illness. Rather if a disease has appeared, you can use this opportunity to see how your mental and emotional messages are impacting you and others. When we are aware of our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, we can consciously move through life making healthier choices.

Happy To Do Lists - Release Frustrations

A to do task list clarifies all of the things you want to accomplish. A happy list states all the activities that will bring you joy. What would your day be like if your to do task list and your happy list were the same? If you think, I wouldn't get anything done, it is time to ask yourself why.

When I first started my business, on Monday I would enthusiastically write all of the things I thought I should accomplish for the week. As I became more aware of my daily frustrations throughout the day, I realized the culprit was my to do should list. A few days later, my anger mounted so high I looked at my list in disgust. At that moment, I got up and did the I Release Frustration Meditative Movement™ to help me process the frustration. As I have shared before, problems arise when we deny, repress or cover up our emotions. By practicing this movement for 90 seconds, I was taking ownership of my state of being and allowing this energy to flow freely through my body.

Respect Yourself

When I hear the word, "respect," the first thing that comes to my mind is to respect your elders. That means I would have heard the statement when I was young. As an adult, we can challenge some of our childhood beliefs and expand our minds so we can be happier.

The definition of respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. With that definition, I conclude that we can respect everyone. Why you may ask? On average, you had a one in a million chance to be born. This is an amazing feat all by itself. If we think in terms of what it takes to be a part of this world, then just the fact that we exist would garner respect.

 July: I Am Free Meditative Movement™

"Meditation Sets You Free Into a World of Happiness." ‐Unknown

Generally, one of the most important elements of meditation is focusing your attention. This is what helps free your mind from the many distractions that cause stress and worry. You can focus your attention on such things as a specific object, an image, a mantra, or even your breathing. July's movement is the I Am Free Meditative Movement™. Practice the movement to free yourself of anxiety, depression, and fatigue while promoting both physical and mental well-being.

We invite you to read our associated blogs to learn more about the freedom that meditation can bring.

Negative ‐ Positive Liberty?: Negative liberty is the freedom from external obstacles or constraints. An individual is free in this sense if they are not physically prevented from taking action. Positive liberty is freedom from internal constraints. Positive liberty is self‐mastery‐‐the rule of the self, by the self.

Ethics & Behavior: Many philosophers have held that moral rules and principles must apply universally. What is right for one person to do must be right for anyone else, unless there are some morally relevant differences between the cases.

Embracing Death Frees: Death comes in threes my Mom said. When I was seven and a half years old, my brother Jimmy died. Shortly thereafter, my Mom's Uncle Roy died. Who would be next? How does death decide whom to take?

Enrich Your Life With Meditative Movements™: We offer a variety of FREE materials to help you on your meditation journey. Whether you are looking for some guided meditations, inspiring quotes, or other helpful resources, we have you covered!

 June: I Laugh Meditative Movement™

"Smile, Laughter, and Meditation are Privileges of Human Life." ‐Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

WHY SHOULD YOU PRACTICE LAUGHING MEDITATION? Not only is laughing meditation easy to perform but it offers numerous benefits such as reducing stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, and lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It can even aid digestion.

We invite you to read our associated blogs to learn more about the benefits of meditation and laughing and how Meditative Movements™ can enhance your well-being.

Prescribe Laughter | Awesome Self-Care Medicine: Since my cancer diagnosis, I have prescribed 5 minutes a day of practicing the I Laugh Meditative Movement™ as part of my healing plan. It is fantastic because it is a natural remedy that makes me feel hopeful and playful.

What Outside Things Causes You to Laugh?: You can learn how to laugh without outside stimuli. This means you can get yourself in a happy, cheerful mood all by yourself whenever you want to change your state of being.

Are You Laughing 300 Times a Day?: Children laugh approximately 300 times a day. Adults are closer to 10‐15 times. We are inviting you to increase your laughter by practicing our featured June movement, the I Laugh Meditative Movement™.

Laughter Relieves Stress and Builds Relationships: Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh.

 May: I Breathe Meditative Movement™

Breath . . . our gift of life. Breathing meditations can be very powerful. They are simple and the best part is that you have everything you need to be successful. From my perspective, it cannot get any easier than that. My intent in sharing the I Breathe Meditative Movement™ is to give you a way to nurture your mind, body and being by simply breathing more consciously and being totally in your body experiencing Mother Earth's natural healing energies.

We invite you to read our associated blogs to better understand how Meditative Movements™ can enhance your mental and physical well-being with your breathing.

I Breathe Meditative Movement™: George Floyd, a Black man from my hometown, uttered the words, "I can't breathe" as Derek Chauvin, a white police officer's knee was on his neck. As I write this, I pause again and take a breath. Conscious breathing is a way to keep me centered and in the moment.

Spiritual Emptiness: My expertise surrounds spiritual emptiness. What is it? Religions are handed down traditions and establishments that profess a certain belief system and worship style. Spirituality is the cosmic intelligent energy that animates our body and mind so we can experience life.

My African Adventure: You are invited to journey with me as I highlight key aspects of this adventure. You will meet the Samburu and Maasai tribes as well as the local people. You will get up close and personal with the animal kingdom. Together may we re-discover what is most important to each of us.

Breathing Techniques: One of the joys of being a part of the healer community is trying other mindfulness practices. Before I share my favorite breathing techniques, I will give you a brief scientific explanation of how your body works.

3 Proven Ways to Enhance Your Mental Health: Mental Health America offers 10 proven tools for maintaining your mental health. Meditative Movements™ incorporates 3 of them. By practicing this program, you can learn how to exercise your personal power so you can be in control of your own health and well-being.

April: I Relax Meditative Movement™

When your mind is overwhelmed, it can easily think fearful thoughts. Because of the mind-body connection, you can then feel anxious, lost, and powerless. The I Relax Meditative Movement™ can move you into a place of peace and calm.

We invite you to read our associated blogs to better understand how relaxation is an important part of any self-care routine.

Choose to Relax: Our powerful minds can replay a past event over and over again. When your mind is chaotic and untrained, it causes unwarranted anxiety, harmful stress, and depression. Perhaps Meditative Movements can be part of your solution.

National Relaxation Day ... Really?: Mark your calendar! August 15, 2021, is National Relaxation Day. Although I think we need to employ more relaxing activities every day.

Relaxing Activities: What relaxing activities make up your days? The importance of routine comforting activities is necessary for your health and well-being.

Relaxed Mind & Tired Body Promote Sleep: Sleeping well requires our minds to be relaxed and our bodies to be tired. Do you need to retrain your mind and body so you can sleep more soundly?

March Featured : I Let Go Meditative Movement™

Now is the time to practice letting go. The I Let Go Meditative Movement™ gives you the opportunity to consciously let go of any thoughts, feelings, and sensations that no longer serve you. Your body is intelligent. When we hold onto the past, we rob ourselves of this precious, present moment. Consciously allowing ourselves to embrace whatever we are experiencing is freeing. We can do this more easily knowing that life is meant to we let go.

It is with great pleasure I introduce you to Whimsical KaNesha Belton Pliego, Meditative Movement instructor and Health Coach. She taught the I Let Go Meditative Movement™ during one of our December free Saturday classes. To view the I Let Go Meditative Movement go to 16:36 into the class. I was profoundly impacted by her encouragement and movement meaning. It moved me to take actions that I had been fearful of in the past. Enjoy learning the movement with her and perhaps you too will find the inspiration to make healthy changes.

Read our blogs to learn more about letting go.

5 Simple Practices to Letting Go How do you know what you are holding on to? Being aware of your everyday reactions to life events, give you your clues. When you are paying attention, you begin to see more clearly the obstacles and habits that are dragging you down.

Success - Failure - Letting Go There are cycles of success, when things come to you and thrive, and cycles of failure, when they wither or disintegrate, and you have to let them go in order to make room for new things to arise, or for transformation to happen. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Allowing this cycle to happen in my life takes practice and patience.

Claiming My Greatness & Peace Within Myself Sonya Johnson' s Meditative Movement™ Journey | I had surgery for a ruptured aneurysm and spent three weeks in the hospital. Because I had a 15% chance of survival, I had to really focus on my health. My daughter, KaNesha, received her Meditative Movements teaching certificate. She showed me how to practice the movements during my daily routine as I healed.

Letting Go of Song Lyrics This morning I awoke with the words from the song, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, written by Neil Young. Taking a few moments to reflect, I thought this thought (ha,ha,ha) "These words and their meaning do not support my desire to have a healthy mind and body. Isn't it that only love heals your heart? Isn't it the anger, hate and resentments that cause our heart problems?".

Letting Go of Sugar and Embracing Self-Love No one wants to give up something sweet. In today's times, quite a few of us are addicted to sugar. Understandably so because of the natural properties of white sugar. It makes us feel good. Like any drug, it has negative side effects as we consume it more and more.

February Featured : I Am Loved Meditative Movement™

The I Am Loved Meditative Movement™ aligns your mind, your body and your being with life's mystery. Love is here. We can affirm this for ourselves and tap into it at any time.

When your mind is overwhelmed, it can easily think lack and fearful thoughts. Because of the mind body connection, you can then feel anxious, lost and powerless. To move you into a place of peace and calm, perform the I Am Loved Meditative Movement™. Feel the love that exists within you.

Your life experiences are unique to you. At one time or another, we have all had interactions with others that seem unloving. Sometimes we act unloving to ourselves. We are still loveable.

I believe this is our purpose on earth. To learn to love and respect ourselves. When we allow love to flow through us, we can give that same unconditional love freely to others. This is the gift you can give to yourself. You can see, feel, think, taste, smell, hear, and touch love in everything.

Read our blogs to learn more about love.

Meditative Movements with The Reflective Nurse : Natalie Lu, a Registered Nurse with a Master of Science in Nursing/Health Care Education who currently practices as a Quality and Patient Safety Coach shares how how Meditative Movements has been a central focus of her self-care in moments of restoration outside of work and in practice.

Defining Love : Love is a word that is hard to define yet used in our everyday language in many different ways. If we want to feel love, we need to open to loving ourselves first.

Love and Your Heart : Love is associated with the heart. Are you exercising your heart in ways that make it strong and healthy?

What is Your Language of Love? : Have you heard of the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman?

January Featured : I Smile Meditative Movement™

Try the I Smile Meditative Movement™ and read our blogs to learn more.

How do you feel about a New Year's Smile resolution that is easy and completely financially free that makes a huge difference to your mood, health and happiness?.

Smile Big | In the Magic of Thinking Big. Smiling is great medicine for any confidence deficiency. Have you ever thought of smiling as a confidence booster?

Sonya Renee Taylor: The Body is Not An Apology Movement. I bet you would smile more if you accepted your current weight.

Do You Smile When You Are Working OUT? Does that seem like a ridiculous question to you? My belief is that we ought to love or at least like whatever form of exercise we choose to do.

A Smile Workout for Persons with Cancer and Chronic Health Conditions  Acknowledging and feeling all our emotions is essential to good health.

The Gift of Smiling and Activity Professionals Activity Professionals are skilled at honoring their resident's stories and nurturing their goals and dreams. To honor National Professional Activities Week, January 23-29, I want to share the I Smile Meditative Movement™ with you.

Happy Practicing!!!

Waiver: By registering via Zoom, you agree to the following: I hereby release from liability and to indemnify and hold harmless Ellie's Meditative Movements, LLC, and any of its employees or agents representing or related to the organization. This release is for any and all liability for personal injuries and property losses or damage occasioned by, or in connection with any activity or accommodations for participating in any Meditative Movements classes.

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